Jalan Jalan Cari Pasal – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Jalan Jalan Cari Pasal

September 2, 2008

Well, for my friend Fadd, her definition of Jalan Jalan Cari Pasal would be walking aimlessly in the mall and ended up spending on something she didn’t intend to. However, today..I have my very own definition of Jalan Jalan Cari Pasal….sape nak teka ape…?

Mine was…bringing all three little rascals out to the mall alone. Yesterday we found out that 4 hands (syauQi’s and mine) were enough to handle all three. But today, I discovered that my two hands were in fact enough to handle all three. Yup, I brought all three out alone.

My initial plan was to go out with uZAir to get our superb photos develop. While I was getting ready, hArith saw me and quickly rush to the house entrance and waited there. Thus I have no way to sneak out without him knowing. He made this sad looking face that you won’t have the heart to leave him behind. And athirAh was busy at her bag (the bag that we would bring along whenever we bring the babies out a.k.a their diaper bag). I guess she was trying to tell me to bring that bag along = bring her along!

Seriously I didn’t have the heart to leave them behind, thus I quickly made their milk and started loading their stuffs in the car. While I was doing that…going in and out of the house, both hArith and athirAh were screaming crying in the house. They were smiling away when I buckle them up in their seats.

All 3 behave well at the mall. Of cause I had all kind of looks given to me by the public. There was a lady who was telling her friend “ishh, so fast she has another one?!!??” Well, although my hands were all occupied..my ears are functioning perfectly well okay!. And although I don’t speak chinese but I can at least count from 1 to 10, so I could still understand when they gave me a look and started counting “yap..ee..seng???” Yes I have 3…do you have problem with that?

Anyway, I’m back home now and we surely did survived the trip…yeeahhh

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  1. alhamdulillah.. uih.. nasib baik la depa semua ok.. 🙂 hebatnya mama Athirah & Harith $ Uzair nih.. 🙂

    **selamat menjalani bulan Ramadhan dengan jayanya! 🙂


  2. OMG!!! u manage outing with all of them, alone???if juz now tabik spring, this time tabik super spring… can share tak how u do that?


  3. waa…wee…syoknya jalan2 dgn babies…emm…actually i just blog hoping n found urs…

    can i link ur blog tak?suka lah baca blog mommy2 ni (even i tak jadi mommy lagik…huhuhu)


  4. how do i do it? make sure ade byk baby bites to keep them occupied…bab makan ni mmg diorang suke..hihi

    part paling leceh is nk unload and load them ke dlm keta. nk kuar kn stroller lagi. their bag and all…

    but, just have faith..insyaAllah u’ll managed =)


  5. neeza:
    bringing them out is a win-win situation for the babies and me.bile bwk diorang kuar i kurang penat,coz takyah kejar diorang yang suke panjat segala mende kt umah ni.
    and diorang lak if i bwk kuar, they cepat penat…sbb byk new things to see kot. so bile smpai umah, cepat skit they tido…


  6. Hi,
    I pun mother of triplets, i think same age as u’r triplets 1 year 2 month..and there are also pram babies..mayb kiter boler share experience nant..


  7. salam,
    OMG u’re really great. I’ve been reading ur blog since the triplets were born. I ikut je perkembangan diaorg i was very sad to read about alesya (al fatihah). Ur writings really give me inspiration, motivated and positive thinking. At the moment my little hero going to be 1 next week and i’m expecting dah nak masuk 4 months to yang dok baca how you handle 3 infants! amik tips.


  8. ablen eusoff:
    there are really no exact tips, u just hv to go with the flow. but one important thing is, do talk to ur son..rationalize things with him. never underestimate them. but of coz u cant expect them to listen to u 24/7. kite yg dah besar ni pun ade timenye degil gak taknk dgr ckp…hehehe.
    mase i kuar with all three. i told hArith and athirAh if they wanna follow me then they have to behave and coorperate wiz me coz pApa’s not around…no dukung2, hafta remain in stroller. Al-hamdulillah they listened. athirAh wanted to get out once, but i reminded her pApa is not around.


  9. darling8tabby:
    penat pasal nk load and unload barang2. mmg kesian ah sape yg nak my parking space..lame nk kena tunggu tuk i masuk kn 3 babies and barang2


  10. wow!!! RESPECT! akak pun masa irfan baby lagi even sorang tu je.. akak takut nak bawak kuar jln sorang2.. bukan takut apa.. takut tak ter handle.. but u alone.. with 3 babies… terer la u hanim.. nampaknya akak kena byk belajar from u..
    ok take care!


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