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Thank You!

September 4, 2008

I baru realized that I have one post pending in my draft. The post was supposed to be a BIG SHOUT OUT of THANK YOU to 3 Kurshiah gals who came over to help me babysit my lil’ rascals. Yup I had 3 of my sister’s friend who came over to the house to help me. Aren’t they schweeett? YES THERE ARE! Although, buddy and ejanne were not on any semester break; they chose to spend their day-free-from-lectures to help me instead of just laze around on their beds. Unfortunately didn’t take any photos coz I was just too happy the fact that I had extra 6 hands to handle the lil rascals.

To sy00zy, buddy & ejanne;
p/s: gals, how was it handling the lil rascals?
p/s/s: oh Hanah, u r surrounded with luvly fwens!
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  1. hye..
    not sure how to address you..
    btw im shikin mother of arisha which laso have amiracle baby like you..
    glad to see them growing like others..
    heard from zubye u want to quiry about the bay’s eye sight..
    maybe u can add me here..
    do u have ym id?
    me as
    feel free to contact n keep in touch..
    before i forget..congratulation on the new baby..
    me also just done with the confinement..
    till then..
    take care


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