uZAir's new image – TRIPLETS plus ONE

uZAir's new image

September 3, 2008

pApa gave uZAir a new haircut =)

And thanks to Aunt Lana for the rompers..I do think the haircut suits the baju well, hihi

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  1. wow he is one macho baby 😀

    did ur hubs used his shaver to skin those hair? in case his head itches, u can rub on some baby oil to soothe his skin 🙂


  2. uZAir “thanks aunties for the compliments on my new look”

    lana: if only the baju wrutten My Mom Rulez…it would be double cool, hihi

    isz_3707: ni rambo mata sepet..hihi

    mimi: hubster mula2 gune batery operated shaver, then the last layer gune his shaver manual tu,,so far so good, no sign of itcheness. will definitely rub some oil in case he does. thanx for the tips!


  3. if ada “my mom rulez” rompers id buy one for my haiQal too hehehe. lets do it ourselves laa with the transfer paper thingy ;P


  4. lana:
    yeah, lets do it!
    actually baju tu still big for uZAir tp i x sabar2 nk pakai kn coz suits his hairstyle..hihi


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