5th Day Raya – TRIPLETS plus ONE

5th Day Raya

October 5, 2008

pApa had a last minute plan makan2 for raya. Initially thought of ordering some pizza and mee mamak and ajak some frens over, main intention was more on gathering close friends together. But when mom heard that pApa nak do some take-away food, she then volunteered to cook nasi briyani. I had a good time, coz there were lots of extra hands to help handle the babies =)

*muka hArith luka2 sbb die tarik meja, batu crystal jatuh and his face landed on the small pieces of crystal…

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  1. ala.. siannye harith.. w/pun muka luke2 tp still blh mempamerkan senyuman.. hehe… nway, SALAM AIDILFITRI drpd DAYINI & DAYANA


  2. Hi mommy of triplets..
    I have been reading your blog for some time now.. really envy you for being able to be a homemaker with three kids under your belt at this age!! bravo! really sorry for your maid problem.. but have u considered a filipino maid? heard that they are less trouble and better with kids! 🙂
    ok.. selamat hari raya!


  3. syahnur:
    Salam Raya from all of us too! =)

    lini azly:
    hi there! salam perkenalan =)
    well, there are lots of ups and downs having 3 kids at this age. One thing for sure, we can’t act our age. Totally different lifestyle than any other 26 years ‘young’ couple.
    But of coz we take it as a blessing from Allah =)

    nway, if amiq filipino susah skit. im staying wiz my mom and her maid indonesia. takut they have problem getting along nanti. especially communication.

    n slamat hari raya to u too!


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