An Open Letter to En. Suami – TRIPLETS plus ONE

An Open Letter to En. Suami

October 22, 2008

Dear syauQi,

I don’t know how to begin this ‘letter’, I can’t find a word to describe how glad and thankful I am for briging us out to the mall the whole day. The trip to KLCC the other day was our first such trip that prolong from before Zuhur till after Maghrib. We never actually had any trip before that required us to enter the Surau 3 times! Although I know, you find it rather tiring to have such trip, especially when the baby / babies gets cranky, it is indeed rewarding for me. Well, having to spend time at home for the days you are a way could be stressful at times. Especially when the babies demand for extra attention during my least energetic moment or when I could hardly open my eyes but one after another wakes up in the middle of the night. Thus, thanks for the KLCC and aquaria trip coz I badly need something that is out of my usual daily routine.

And the trip to Pavillion was also rewarding for me. Although there wasn’t any shopping done, it is simply rewarding to stroll down the mall. Well I guess any activity out of the house is what I need to keep my sanity. Since you find that holiday is close to impossible, thus shopping malls are the next good thing for me. My life is pretty much a routine nowadays. 6:30am, hArith would be standing up in his cot to act as my alarm clock (yes, despite how late he sleeps, he will be awake by 6:30am). And that’s when my days start, after their meal and bath, will have to keep them entertain till they decide to take their morning nap (around 10am or 11am) , and that’s when I take my bath. Once they are awake, play with them again till lunch and continue entertaining them till evening. They hardly take nap in the afternoon. At night, spend more time with them till their bedtime. And somehow rather all three would demand for their mommy to put them to sleep. Mind you, putting all three to sleep can be rather challenging at times. And at the end of the day, not only my body feels tired but it is mind challenging as well. It is very much mind challenging when the babies merengek2 and I have to figure out what bother them so much.

Yes, I’m sure your job is not any easy as mine, especially with the different time zone and all. But at least your day isn’t much of a same daily routine as mine. That’s why even a trip to the mall is very much appreciated. And I’m sure the babies feel the same. Again, thank you Mr Husband =)


your wife

**And also a big shout out of THANK YOU to Apeng and Fadd for willingly joined us along. It really need lotsa patience to go outing with us since macam flight delay pun ade…skit2 kena stop sbb nk kena tukar pampers larr, nk kena take turn solat lah and all those other interrupted meal by the babies.

***more photos will be uploaded soon

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  1. i boleh imagine how penat you handle 3 babies alone. I my self pun dah termengah2 handle 1 baby and another dlm perut pun sometimes hilang sabar nad i’ve been drinking 100+ almost everyday :). Bila dapat kuar rumah is really great feelingkan.. btw i really adore you and your hubby.


  2. neeza:
    tu lah, at least their work allows them to have different view and scenery kn, ours is the walls of the house jer…

    ablen eusoff:
    mase i pregnant with uZAir, i pun drank 100plus almost eeryday. once u r in ur 2nd trimester, it should feels better =)


  3. Hi sis, my sister said that she saw your babies pics at the nursery. If not mistaken it’s their first bday. Hers, has gone through hernia operation and eyes laser. Hopefully, my niece is a fighter too like yours, Insyaalah. 🙂


  4. pink mama:
    yah, we send a birthday cake for the doctors and nurses when hArith and athirAh turn 1 the other day.
    and also the Prof wanted their photo as an inspiration to other moms there.

    btw, what’s ur niece’s name? Most of the nurses there still remember hArith and athirAh. They are a bunch of nice people there
    my salam to ur sister =)


  5. oh, I could imagine how meaningful the trip was to you. Reading your entry about looking after your 3 precious babies and your routine days, it makes me wonder. Can i do that as well?

    Hmmmm…..but hey, your husband must be a proud husband then 🙂 Regards to him also.


  6. mamalisa:
    yes, i enjoy every single moment out of the hse…hihi

    i mmg suke u join kitorang sbb ade extra hand. takut u jer yg hilang sabar…;)


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