Aquria – KLCC – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Aquria – KLCC

October 24, 2008

I mentioned in my previous post that we went to Aquaria the other day. Here are some of the photos of us in Aquaria. hArith paid more attention compared to athirAh.

hArith gets a kiss from the fish…he peluk pApa kuat wo

After Aquaria, we had our lunch. And it was as though heaven on earth cause all three were asleep! Peaceful lunch we had (err..but only half way. hArith woke up while we were eating)

Since we are the “duta” for One Utama, (hihi, it is like our 2nd home)…we hardly go to KLCC. In fact that was our 2nd time there with the babies, so we never knew they had a spacious Nursery at the Concourse Level.(call me jakun, I don’t care) It was just ideal to let hArith n athirah roam around after hours kena buckle up in their seats. They just love it. Fadd and Apeng were there with us too.

Oh, u know those rides where you have to put in coins…me pegi gatal tangan put hArith and athirAh on it. They luv it sooo much that they refused to get back on their stroller. Well, at first, pApa said they are too small for it as in they wouldn’t appreciate the ride. But me and my tangan gatal sumbat gak coins in it. The moment it started moving…hArith was sooo hAppy. Siap tak kasi kami pegang die okay. Dah benti gerak pun he was still enjoying the ride.

I was afraid die jatuh tegolek since the thing was moving, but he insisted of not holding him. Nway, i think I prove a point here pApa…it is never too early for a Disneyland trip!

And athirAh gets a ride with Garfield. Serious giler her face driving the car. Pemandu berhemah!
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