At Adam's Crib – TRIPLETS plus ONE

At Adam's Crib

October 6, 2008

Few days before raya we went over to Adam’s house to deliver mommy Adam’s new toy and also to reciprocate their visit to our house previously. That was our first ‘long’ journey with all three babies. All this while our journey mostly to the mall nearby je. Al-hamdulillah all three behave well through out the journey to Kajang.

Upon arrival, I was as excitedyo as Aida was to have a look at her new toy. The babies pun gembira nak ponggah2 the toy…grabbing the kotak and plastic. After the babies puas geledah new toy they started playing among them. They look so happy playing together. I just love seeing them minggling with one another.

After the babies geledah the new toy, they started playing among them. They look so happy playing together. I love seeing them minggling together.

The two of them “communicating”…

Adam ade walker but all 3 babies were not interested to be in the walker. Apparently Adam, loves standing on his walker and that works perfectly well sebab hArith lak suka tolak2. So Adam gets ride around the house as hArith was happily pushing the walker from all direction. Here’s a picture of Adam into position waiting to be pushed…

And hArith happily pushing…

And until one point where Adam decided to join hArith to push the walker together. It was like a team work, both pakat pushing it together

And here’s a picture of athirAh sharing the same interest with Adam….vacuum

Since raya was around the corner, aida told us she found a small size songkok for Adam, it fit Adam perfectly well. N here’s a photo of Adam demo pakai songkok

hArith gave it a try too =)

And sekecik ni pun sibuk nk try, she was wondering, why others were wearing it n the camera kept on taking shots of them. So to kill her curiosity, we put it on her n take a photo of her too.

Rumah Adam ade huge gigantic beanbag, hArith n athirAh love playing on it (mOmmy n pApa diorang pun suke!) It look so cossy aight! It’s handmade btw! (but then again, it’s no surprises for Aida to do it…she’s capable of making anything!)

My two lil’ rascals busy climbing on it. Tapi u all penah dengar tak org2 tua ckp…jgn suka lebih2 nanti sure ade yg nangis…n that was exactly what happen. Tgh gembira2 panjat the beanbag, athirAh nk turun tapi silap landing…

These are the shots before athirAh jatuh tegolek…

And ni muka org yg jatuh tegolek. And it was a sign to go home I guess sbb dah start cranky. And also we kind of over stayed coz I believe Adam’s family already had a plan to go somewhere after Zuhur. Sorry for delaying ur plan Aida.

Thanks for having us Adam and family!

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  1. munirah wow byk photos!!
    thank you for this entry…
    suka sgt time harith and adam communicating and also masa diorg main tolak2 walker..hehehe….

    can’t wait nak berkumpul lagi mcm ni…hehehe..

    tq so much for coming…


  2. mommyadam:
    gmbar byk tapi quality tak secantik slr..hihi
    glad i managed to captured those moments.
    it was so nice to see them playing n communicating together…bliss

    i cant wait to gather again!

    and thanks for having us =)
    (dah lar tak malu over stayed..hihi)


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