First Day Raya – TRIPLETS plus ONE

First Day Raya

October 3, 2008
My maid is not back yet, thus I don’t really have the time to blog. Meanwhile…I’ll just post some pictures first…
Ni gambar berangan newly wed, just the two of us…

Here’s picture with my two lil’ rascals, hArith and athirAh

Gosh we almost forgotten we have 3 kids, here’s a picture with uZair
uZair was sleeping soundly, had to wake him up

My family photo, first brother Missing in Action…

Gambar ni, hArith smiling cheerfully sebab ade clown import all the way from Aussie tgh tejoget2 belakang camera..hahha. Well Done Hanah!

And here’s photo with my in-laws. Much bigger family compared to mine. We had breakfast at my parents place then at 11am we headed to my in-laws.

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  1. hei… my father geng ur fil la… ask him about jamil datuk harun… he he

    pss… kalau mcm nie, leh la jumpa2an dgn u… he he

    -mama emma-


  2. hi, i’ve been reading your blog for a while now but this is the first time i’m commenting. small world! my best fren is related to your in-laws (one of the guy in the picture is syamsuri, kan?), and i grew up in DU, my in-laws are in taman tun, so we saw you guys a few times at OU. beautiful kids you’ve got 🙂 selamat hari raya and i hope the maid situation will work out for u somehow!


  3. babybooned:
    Yah, that’s Syamsuri in the pic. He’s my sister-in-law’s husband.

    N OU is like a second home to us. Dok rumah wiz them is sooo much tiring, so we prefer to buckle them up in the stroller and walk around OU…hihi.

    Sorry if next time we bump in OU I tak notice u, coz hands very much occupied hence the tak nampak org lain, hihi


  4. lupa nak add in… ur mil nama dia aisyah kan??

    she & ur fil tu kampung mate dgn my mother… depa org bagan kan???


  5. precious innocent:
    yup..tat’s my parents-in-law.
    alamak name kg tak pulak i tau..i only know penang (mainland), exact name kawasan i tak tau..hihi


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