To the great couple – TRIPLETS plus ONE

To the great couple

October 29, 2008

Here’s a post to a great couple; Fadd n Apeng who are extremely patient to go outing with us. Although they have no kids (yet) but they simply have the patience to go out with us, the three kids. They don’t mind all the interrupted shopping and meal. They are okay with all the pit-stops, just imagine how many pit-stops we need for 3 babies diaper changing. And also for uZAir who is fully breastfeed. Sometime, baru jer pit-stop to change one of them, next 5 mins another one lak poo-poo. Again another pit-stop. Going out with us is like having excess baggage, but they have all the patience to do so.

Fadd even volunteered to change uZAir when he poo-poo cause I was indulging myself with the great Beef Ribs! And Apeng is so ever willing to carry uZAir at anytime. Even while having his meal.

In fact during uZAir early days, he hardly wants anyone else to carry him but from the start, he had no problem with Apeng. And he always volunteer to push uZAir. Bes wo dpt jalan lenggang2..hihi

And we could even leave all three with them when we it’s our turn to solat!

I’m so glad our path crossed and get to know this great couple =)

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  1. x silap i, kwn u nie pun preggy kan??

    dia praktis awal2 la tu.. he he

    nice for u sbb ada kwn baik mcm depa nie..

    -mama emma-


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