Back to early bedtime – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Back to early bedtime

November 8, 2008

Wayyyyy back then, I always managed to maintain my two lil rascals’ bedtime at 8pm up till they were 7 ,8 months. Once they started to creep and crawl, their bedtime extended later and later. Especially when pApa is around, their bedtime will be hay wire. They simply enjoy their father’s company at home. Oh, if with mOmmy sorry yer… LATEST by 9:30…lights off! Yes, 9:30, no way they can compromise their bedtime with me! LOL

Now that hArith has started walking and athirAh is almost walking, I will make sure they are in the garden after 5pm. Let them roam around the garden like nobody’s business. So that they get tired and exhausted, which automatically means early bedtime for them!!! They really get themselves dirty. Main atas rumput, at the patio, kutip batu. Maybe some parents wouldn’t allow their children to play like that fearing it is dirty and all but I don’t mind. Once they are done, I myself will shower and sental them kau kau with sabun mandi detol yer. I will sental them until I’m satisfied and I think our sabun consumption has increased drasticly …hihiI find it very interesting to see them explore the house compound. Of cause we need extra eyes on athirAh coz she puts everything in her mouth. Daun kering pun die dah makan kay! And to cheer things up we always have visit from our neighbours; Syamil, Khadijah and Ashman.




They are bunch of cute kids! syauQi and I had a good time playing football with them. (while hArith and athirAh watch upon us).Even played lumba lari pusing kon macam zaman sekolah rendah Pendidikan Jasmani dulu! syauQi always said that once our kids grow up he wants to play lumba lari with them, and since we can’t do that yet with our own kids…we lumbe lari with anak orang lain…hihi. And gosh…my stamina dah jatuh merundum2!!!! How on earth am I gonna start playing my touch rugby again?!?!?! Baru plan nk hit the field this Sunday.

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  1. ninie:
    thanks for the compliment dear n i’m sure you have one happy family too =)

    husband dari dulu nak main macam ni with our own kids tp sbb lame lagi hArith n athirAh bleh lari mcm ni, so kami lumba dgn anak neighbours while hArith and athirAh jadi penonton dari tepi…hihi


  2. Hi, my daughter is 1.5yo. and she likes to put stuff in her mouth too. Memang automatic kalau nampak je bende baru confirm masuk mulut. Kalau bawak main dekat luar mesti tak jadi jalan2 sebab nampak rumput and nak cabut masuk mulut.. huhuhuhuhu….


  3. khadijah & ashman very cute!

    i still able to get my Aliah sleeps at 8.30-9.00 pm every night (from month 1 till now) but i lak susah kdg2 sbb kdg ada event yg ends at 10pm onwards…puas nak layan dia,tak bagi dia merengek/ nak tido :p


  4. niniez:
    tak tau lar smpai bile athirAh asyik nm masuk everything dlm mulut. really hope it stops soon…

    if i je kt rumah, time tido bleh nk try maintain consistent. tapi if their dad ade kat rumah…susah skit nk stick to their bedtime coz they luv playing with their dad. and sometimes kammi kuar jalan2 or we kuar to rumah in-laws. nak tunggu weekend baru gi umah in-law tak tentu hubster ade rumah. pegi siang, in-laws lak keja…

    oh my neighbours mmg sgt lar chomel!!! =)
    yup hArith dah bleh jalan, athirAh tak stabil lagi…almost there


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