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c0ming s00n…real s00n =)

November 20, 2008

syauQi brought this car to be sental kaw kaw today. To clean inside and out. All the susu tumpah and biskut besepah2 can no longer be seen…

It is now super clean! After 62909km of journey with this car, we soon gonna say ByE bYe to it.

This car has brought us all over KL and PJ, down South till Johor and up North till Penang but it is time to bid farewell to her…

Soon, I no longer need to fit my butt cramp with two car seats at the back coz we are welcoming our new ride. cOming Soon….real s00n!

Thank You pApa!!! I just can’t thank him enough for always putting the family as his number 1 priority.

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  1. hey babe…you know what me n hubster also planned to but the same vehicle! hehe…what a co-incident 🙂

    nnt u kasik tahu performance that car eh 🙂


  2. alhamdulillah… tahniah!

    Hyundai ye..? apa nama nya..? hehe.. i’m so blur.. yang saya berkenan Trajet.. tp yang ini macam bukan Trajet.. 🙂 apa ya..?


  3. mrs imran:
    u expecting multiple babies ker? keta ni gabak besar,nk parking leceh but we hv no other choice sbb nk kena sumbat 3 car seat.

    it’s grand starex. i feel tat its bigger than trajet


  4. kenapa I rasa sedih bila u nak let go waja tu??alahai..I teringat berapa jauh kita jalan ngn waja tu kot.Igt tak kita gi waterfall ngn waja tu jugak??aaaaarhhh sedehhhhhhhhhhh..Mcm mana ni?I sedeh sgt2, ape kata u bawah kami naik kereta baru ,takla I sedeh sgt :p

    p.s: nak kata la suh u ajak kami naik kereta baru tu :p


  5. wah bestnyee!!

    bila la i nak tukar keta baru nih hehee

    i think i pun perlukan mpv or mini mpv mcm naza citra pun jadi lah. hariz punya stroller conquer the whole boot.


  6. queen bee:
    our waja dulu mmg no prob masuk one twin stroller and a single stroller..cume abit cramp bile i nk duduk with the kiddos car seats.
    citra pun ok gak..provided u tak gune tuk duduk the extra seat blakang…so u can letak ur barang2


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