Ironic… – TRIPLETS plus ONE


November 1, 2008

I find it rather ironic, despite that I love having hubster around coz that would means I’ll have extra pair of hand to handle the babies but I actually do look forward for him to go to work. Why is that so? Well credits goes to the internet connection, the Yahoo Messanger to be specific. Yes, funny isn’t it, we actually communicate more when we are further from each other. At home, we would be juggling our hands with the babies and when night comes, both would be knock out. So we rarely have any decent conversation together. Well, in most cases I lar yang knock out dulu.

But when syauQi is away for work I’ll TRY MY VERY BEST to put the babies to sleep early (tak lar awal mane pun, latest 10:30 kot, well it is no joke to put all 3 to sleep all by myself. So 10:30 tu kire ok lar kn) so I could sit infront of my laptop and YM with him. Sometime we talk bout our future plan ahead, like our kids education and all, bout living by ourselves (now we are under my parents’ roof) or just reminiscing bout our kids’ development.

And I find it even more ironic that despite being full hand when syauQi is not around, I would actually manage to squeeze some time to update my blog. Main intention is to let syauQi have something to read about us here back home, while he is away. And as I mentioned before, we hardly have the time to do serious talking, so at least through my writing, he would know what’s going on in my head.

Remember I wrote the Open Letter to En. Suami, wow…it is just amazing. The letter have made it known to him how much I actually loves going out (i guess my face expression doesnt reflect that i do enjoy the outing) and now we are actually going out almost everyday when he is at home. I pulak rase kesian, die penat asyik kuar je. We even make time to play ping pong, the kids watch us playing from the window. And ade ke patut hArith actually laugh at me when I miss the ball that syauQi smash at me. Cait, betuah punye anak! Anyway internet simply does wonders. In fact aritu plan nk gi lagoon but since it opens at 11am, we think it just too hot by then. Nk pegi petang kang balik sure jam punye. Oh maybe we should follow Mommy Adam’s idea of checking in kt Sunway Hotel. Confirm petang tak jam…hihi. And for dinner we could indulge ourselves with Beef Ribs at Sunway Pyramid, yum yum. Hmm…but that would be costly.

Oh going to work also means I get my three kisses, my left and right pipi and my forehead; before he steps out of the door *blush*blush*

*gambar sekadar hiasan

And oh, En Suami finally made up his mind what he wanted for birthday. One of it is this…Photosmart Printer. Pasni mOmmy bleh tumpang scan gambar ye pApa =)

Also bought a wallet to replace his worn out wallet and a Deuter bagpack, guess carrying a baby bag won’t make him look manly. So a bagpack is the solution to it. With 3 babies, one bag is not enuff to put everything in.

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  1. which deuter bagpack u bought?i pun nak beli satu utk i,satu utk cik suami.lgi senang travel bwk bagpack.kang dah besar baru bwk handbag balik smula..


  2. yup..internet adalah alat komunikasi yg berkesan..selain dr ym..kami juga berhubung melalui muka buku..tetiba suami saya nih ‘addicted’ to face book plak..bini nyer layankan ajer..


  3. too. seldom have long and serious conversation with Mr hubby lately.either we discuss on our way to/ back to/from office or THRU EMAILS! hhahhaa….mcm jauh bebenor.


  4. how lucky you are!
    kami ada satu je laptop, so bila si dia takda,kenala rindu-rinduan..nk text..mahal la pulak kalau bnyk2.Yg penting2 jela..:p
    ooohh….tak pernah chat ngn laki sendiri lama2!!Gosh..I need that experience!


  5. okinokiyo:
    Alamak tak sure ape model. Tak silap written on it Bike 1. sbb yg tu je size die narrow skit. yg lain sume cam lebar2…kang if i perlu angkat tak nmpak lak i. tenggelam oleh bag. hihi

    neeza & salzahari:
    baguih kn ade internet

    bes tau chat2, furthermore there are certain things best to communicate on written instead ckp face to face…hihi


  6. bagusnya ada idea nak bagi mr hubby apa.. haha..
    i usually out of idea menjelang birthday dia.. haha.. 🙂

    *printer ni murah je! tak silap dalam rm200 gitu.. 🙂


  7. zuhaini:
    kalau ikutkn i..mmg takde idea nk beli ape. I let him choose himself. Save the trouble nk piki wat to get for him.

    U ade nmpak ker this printer for RM200. Bought it at a different price, yang model ni ade card slot, screen and wi-fi.


  8. been there and done that 🙂 i used to chat with my hubster for about 5 years. Mula2 guna IRC, but after sometimes yahoo introduced their most famous instant messaging , we swtiched to yahoo messenger then.

    I know the feeling and the excitement 🙂
    Now, who says distance is a barrier? They must be living in stone age…heheh

    Wallpaper laptop u comel 🙂

    p/s: i tag you. check my blog


  9. mrs imran:
    yup distant r/ship can work out if we set our mind to do so kn!

    p/s: oh how i wish i have the time to do ur tag =(


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