KL Bird Park – TRIPLETS plus ONE

KL Bird Park

November 26, 2008

Last week we wanted to go out BUT not to the mall, so we ended up here…

Yup, we went to the bird park.

Apparently, the Bird Park is “The World’s Largest Covered Bird Park” or “The World’s largest Free Flight Aviary”. What makes the park unique or rather extraordinary is because all birds are let free in the aviary which resemble the natural habit. With this type of free flight concept. birds are able to breed naturally in this bird park. It’s a lovely to see the hornbills flying so free from tree till tree. And even a flamingo flying just above your head. At that time dah risau giler if berak atas my tudung…hihi

It was nice to see birds in various colours. They even put up a booth if nak take photos with the birds (with additional charge of cause)

I had to pay RM5 for this (if photo taken using own camera and RM20 if u wanna use their camera, printed on the spot for you).

Gambar bawah ni pulak, we had to pay RM10 and they will give a copy palaroid photo. But since we know palaroid tak lar clear mane…we took the opportunity to take photo with our own camera too…mamat tu okay jer, so dgn gembiranye kami snap snap photos.

*name merah kecik tu Nonie

athirAh as usual, tak tau takut punye budak. While syauQi held a parrot on his hand, athirAh grab the parrot’s tail. Lucky thing syauQi was fast enough to bring it away from her..or else the bird might retaliate which would ended up causing injury to syauQi.

Wanted to give a closer look of the parrot to athirAh, which was definitely NOT a good idea

Here’s athirAh trying to have a closer look at the ostrich below…

If you pay RM2, you would get a cup of kuaci to feed the bird (which I obviously dare not…hihi)

hArith and athirAh khusyuk looking at the various colours of the bird. If kat umah dpt tgk burung gagak hitam jer.

We didn’t wait for the bird show (scheduled at 12:30pm) cause we had to wait like another an hour plus. The place were very shaddy coz lots of trees AND mosquitos too. hArith and athirAh had red spots on their faces. Because of that we decided to make a move.
Oh, tak ketinggalan..this little boy had a great time looking at the birds too =)


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  1. ohhh nampak cam best jer taman burung tuuhh!! i will definitely bring hariz nanti! bosan kan asek2 mall jer kat msia nih.


  2. next time use ubat nyamuk yang boleh ditampal di baju baby.. (cosway + anakku ada jual) so that nyamuk won’t come near the babies… i selalu guna bila balik kg hubby yang ada banyak nyamuk tu…


  3. hish..I suka sgt gambar yg burung2 tu ada kat atas stroller! Comelnya.
    I nampak tgn athirah ,mcm nk lekat je kt ekor burung tu..heheh
    Nway bestnya tgk u and anak-anak 🙂
    happy for u dear


  4. i saw the bag too! ahahahah ngade!
    n kasot baru dorang? owh n dah besar gler dorang! kaki terkeluar2 stroller huhu


  5. neeza, mrs imran, isz_3707, Suryati, Naddy:
    well, tat was wat made me suprised n shocked…in one of my post i wrote b4.hubby kasi suprise =) i was speecless when i saw it.

    Queen Bee:
    it was nice to go other places for a change. byk gak actually tmpat lain yg blum xplore. Lagoon pun kami plan nk gi…

    aiyakk u dh kena taik burung. so reminder to others…bwk xtra clothes n tudung if gi tmn burung..hihi

    wahh harus beli lar mende itu. mane nk cari, guardian ade jual x?

    athirAh mmg x tau takut…selamba tarik ekor burung.

    hanah a.k.a wanderrr:
    of coz lar dh besar! hihi
    bought the sandal sbb senang nk pakaikn


  6. laaa munirah! i baru je pegi tmn burung last weekend! taktau lak u pegi…kalau tak boleh join u all sama2 gi bird park!! best kan…hehe…kitorg pun tak pegi bird show tu…lmbt sgt 12.30…


  7. mommyAdam:
    i pegi mase weekday, so happen hubby was around. last weekend i was at lake garden..saturday morning.

    bes kn bird park. tp u senang lah gune carrier…i nak tolak stroller kuar masuk pintu tu susah skit…especially the double stroller


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