The 3 Siblings – TRIPLETS plus ONE

The 3 Siblings

November 18, 2008

This boy was sitting nicely in his chair since he can’t join his brother and sister walking and climbing everywhere .

After awhile, he became bored…just sitting doing nothing (which explains his sulky face)

BUT his sister thought, he had a sulky face because he was having a headache…so sister came to check on him and quickly yelled to big brother

*hArith getting down the steps urgently to check on uZAir

athirAh telling uZAir “don’t worry, hArith is stronger than me…so he can massage you better”

hArith “alar…small matter je ni”

hArith “don’t I look like a pro?, don’t worry…in few mins time you’ll feel much much better, trust me!”

-after few minutes of massage, hArith stop and later came back…

hArith ” *wink*wink* you are feeling better aight?”

uZAir “YES, I’m a happy…


..hAppy boy now!”

(coz I got a free massage from my bro, even though I didn’t actually have headache…hihi”

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  1. omg kak nem!! dis post is wayyy too cute!! comel laa anak2 kamu!! (atau mommy nye kak yg pandai buat dialog?)hee~


  2. hahahahahha, tergelak i baca cerita u nih. so cute, so best, so sume lar. Harith really look like a big brother.

    anyway, i got ur invitation, thank u so much for the invitation. really wan to go but going back to Johor this weekend. nanti ada event lain jemput i lagi tau 😉 teringin nak jumpa ur babies.


  3. alahai… comelnyaaa… a happy family you got there!!! and from what i read so far, you’ve done a brilliant job as a mother to these 3 darlings…


  4. ya Allah, cute nyeeeer.
    rasa mcm nak tambah byk2 lak sbg teman faris.

    buat byk2 entry gini tau munirah, hari2 i senyum n gelak…bisa awet muda sokmo. hehehe


  5. thanks for all the “cute” compliments =)

    of coz lar mommy die yg pandai buat dialog, hihihi (since anak2 dh selalu kena puji comel, so now mOmmy lak nk take the credits…)

    alarrr…ruginye. nak baca ape yg u tulis panjang2 tu. rajin, type lar balik, hihi 😉

    ye, silalah tambah biar Faris ade teman..hihi

    mama-ir and rinie:
    i try my very best to be a good mom to all 3. not that easy to devide attention equally to all 3

    mrs imran:
    glad i made ur day =)
    take extra care of urself ya!!


  6. Ala…comelnyer…tak tahan nengok kaki uzair…geramnya…

    kakak and abang pun kemain lagi mcm tau2 jer adik tu tgh boring asyik dok terjelepuk dlm kusi ijau tu…hehehe…


  7. hye..
    suke sgt baca yr blog nie..mcm2 citer psl yr kids..jelez lar u jd SAHM..leh tgk ank sokmo..huhu..

    btw, u ade YM x? nk tnye u skek lar..mine, YM:shizuecaR.. kay do tk care..


  8. yeahh!! chomelll gilerr.. expressions sume tepat ngan description mommy nye! hihihi.. your kids are soo cute lahhh! 😀


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