The Family First Road Trip – TRIPLETS plus ONE

The Family First Road Trip

November 14, 2008

Aritu I tried my luck ajak En. Suami gi PD. Coz distance die masih logic to go wiz 3 kiddos. We can’t have a long journey because 1. Kids gets restless and you wouldn’t want to be in a car where 3 babies are cranky. 2) If jauh2, kang my butt weill get cramp duduk sempit2 dgn 2 car seat at the back. Our initial plan was to go with Fadd & Apeng coz we need to tumpang our luggage in their car. Our bonet dah penuh with strollers yer. We also ajak my parents, so they can help jaga the kiddos…hihi.

But Fadd’s sister-in-law gave birth that morning so she couldn’t join us. However petang tu die buat surprise muncul kat PD to join us for dinner. Diorang dtg blk hari. Very the rajin diorang ni.

Nway, we stayed at Legend Water Challet, Actually, En Suami punye kawan recommended Avillion, but he mistakenly said Legend. That’s how we ended up in Legend. We arrived before the check-in time. Good thing they have a playroom, hArith n athirAh enjoyed themselves while we adults makan KFC bungkus..hihi.

The room was nice. It was something different cause you actually enter the room through the bathroom. Yes, you have to pass the bathroom before getting to the bedroom. As I entered the room, I was ‘greeted’ by the wash basin..hihi

My two lil’ rascal were hAppy roaming around the bathroom, eager to get into the bath tub.

Here are more picture of the bathroom. Above the shower, you could open the sky roof. As though you are taking shower openly under the sky…

And here are the pictures of the bedroom.Tthe daybed was just ideal. We brought the mattress down on the floor where hArith and athirAh could nicely sleep on it.

The next day, after a rather heavy breakfast we went to have a dip in the pool.

But this lil’ boy decided to take a nap in his swimming suit.

Even in the water, athirAh love being lambung2

hArirh is relaxing…

After awhile, I forced this lil’ boy to wake up. His first experience in the pool.

After bout 30mins in the pool. Its time to pack and leave. As usual, hArith will always get attracted to stones. Both were busy playing with the stones at the shower area.

Al-hamdulillah all 3 behave well through out the journey. It was very important to plan the journey accordingly. We left home at about 11am (the usual time kids hv their morning nap). There slept through out the journey. The next day, we make sure they get tired, playing in the pool so they would sleep throughout the journey home too. We had a peaceful journey, pegi dan balik. It was nice to have a night at a different place =). Thanks En Suami!
Oh in fact few days prior to the trip, I kept on telling all of them that we gonna have our very first road trip and it is very very important for them to behave, to prove to pApa that it is possible for us to have road trip. And I think they succeed in proving it to their father! Well done kids! =)

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  1. u bought another floaties ke?? alah i could have just give u mine. Haiqal has outgrown it. Dia pakai terus tenggelam boleh? haha so now kena pegang all the time. Jom gi Tropicana pool with us nak? i can bring 2 guest per week u knowww.


  2. Ninie:
    i amiq bilik executive deluxe.. room was good. cume tak bes sbb takde pantai..tot nk bwk anak2 main pasir

    larr…didnt know hQ outgrown his floaties. we had no choice but to buy one for uZAir, everything comes in 3 now for us…
    Lana, they do have different sizes of floaties tau…perhaps can get the different range of weight for hQ, like 15kg above


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