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To Bring Along or Not?

November 28, 2008
I now have a maid, a reliable one I shall say. Hope this one last long.

She was working with chinese employer for 3 she kind of had a good training from her previous employer. And it somehow made me ponder…slaluye Chinese they bring along their maid kn biler kuar? Should I do the same? But honestly…I prefer family outing without maid. Tapi tepiki lak…i yg senantiasa kat rumah with kids bleh naik biul, i’m sure the maid needs outside air jugak kn…

I dari kecik, my parents tak penah bwk maid kuar skali, tu i rase kekok if ade maid follow. Hmm…ape kata korang?

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  1. sometime i bawak, sometime tak…tak bawak bila ada keje kat umah, so when baby not around senang sket dia wat keje. tak pun maybe u bawak dia kuar sekali masa u outing without hubby.


  2. kalau u bawak maid, u lih suh dia tolong tolakkan stroller.tgkkan the kids,jaga diorang.Ok pe 🙂

    BUT, kdg2 kt rumah u dah tgk muka dia, u nak kuar pun kalau bole ngn husband& anak2 kan?more privacy.At least itula family outing(tp selalunya i selalu menebok ikut u…wakakakak)
    and maid bole rest kt rumah.


  3. I guess bawak sekali sekala ok jugak because then you’ll have some free hand. Bila nak ada privacy tu takyah lah bwk tak. maybe when grocery shopping so that she can also help carry stuff. or look after the kids while you’re busy shopping. just my p.o.v


  4. Mcm I plak kalu dgn Mr Ir biasanya takkan bawa sbb time tu la nak privacy tp kalu I sorang2 nak pi beli brg2 keperluan dapur I akan bawa…dan time tu jugak la dia nak beli brg keperluan dia juga…


  5. it depends munirah, kalau groceries tesco mcm tu i bawak, kalau mmg family time it will be just 3 of us. .. no maid. sometime we and herself need a break from each other gak.


  6. thanks all 4 the suggestion.
    yup…i’ll bring her out when syauQi is not around. Wow,n kids will love it sbb b4 this bile pApa ade jer we all bleh kuar. Now, it mean…we can go out anytime, hihi
    Oh, bleh bawak maid mase kids punye class gak, so die bleh jaga uZAir kt sane…great.

    dear, u tak menyebok eh if ikut kami. We loike!


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