uZAir's aQiqah – TRIPLETS plus ONE

uZAir's aQiqah

November 24, 2008

Al-hamdulillah, uZAir’s aqiqah went well. All 3 were at their best behavior. uZAir who is usually extremely clingy to me was okay being carried by others, changing from hand to hand. He wasn’t grumpy at all n most importantly did not have trouble drinking his milk from the bottle the whole day. Usually the most he will get from the bottle is only twice a day, but on the aQiqah day, all feeding was given using the bottle and wallaaa…no problem. He was such a darl! hArith and athirAh were also very good, having no problem with huge crowd. No grumpy nor crankiness nor sleepyhead…they were just superb.

The majlis started at about 12noon where we had tahfiz came over to khatam the Quran. They took 2 juzu’ each if I’m not mistaken. My brother, dad and syauQi also took a juzu’ each. They managed to finish it after about 2 hours and it was followed by selawat ramai2. During selawat session, uZAir were brought around to get some ‘berkat’ from the tahfiz. They read some dua’ and touch his forehead. My mom also asked my bro and father to carry hArith and athirAh around too, nak dpt berkat tahfiz gak.

Then, meal time begin! I shall say, food must be yummy-licious cause we had about 300 guests and the 2 kambing selamat licin habis hokay…me pun tak sempat rase. Kambing was cook by Al-Rawsha, Lamb Mandey. Takpe tak dpt rase…cause it’s a sign that my guest enjoyed the food. Good to know that ;). Those yang tak makan kambing, we had Chicken Mandey for them.

Other than Lamb Mandey, we had food by Group Base; Mee Rebus, Rojak Buah, Tauhu Bakar, Kuey Teow Goreng and Roti Jala.

As for dessert we had variety of kuih melayu, ABC and finger licking good chocolate cake. I think the cake finished in a blink of an eye!!!!

The cake was sinfully delicious!!!

And we also had a cake, a portrait of uZAir…when the first cake finished, we started cutting the portrait cake…it was also very laku

but the moment it reaches up to his face…agak slow skit cake tu gerak, I guess sume org tak smpai hati nak makan muka uZAir..hihi

After 5pm baru my guests pulak datang (before that were mostly adults, relative n parents’ frens). So we had lots kids after 5pm. Kids, toddlers and babies. That’s when we brought down all the kept toys. (we had to keep it earlier on bcoz the tahfiz were using the living room). It was nice to see house full with young energetic kids. They really tested the durability of the toys for me. At one stage I saw like 5 kids on the climbing frame…now I wonder what’s the weight limit, it’s really strong I shall say. When I first brought it down…sume org serbu. And after awhile, they actually came out with a system. They made a line, beratur tuk naik. Padahal…slide to pendek jer, but enough to make them happy. (tgk budak kecik pun pandai tua nak naik bus/lrt pun kekadang tak reti nk beratur). And even my standard 2 neighbour, Shamyl was being very helpful, taking care of hArith. He carried hArith in everytime hArith kuar main ngan batu at the patio.
Oh, since I was expecting babies and toddlers to come..I had a corner for them. for them. Pureed Pear (Heinz) and homemad pureed sweet patato + carrot for the babies, spaghetti for the toddler and yogurt as well as bottled drink yogurt.

That day it was my first time meeting my blogger friend, Baby Sarah and Baby Faris. Eh chop, no longer baby..toddler I mean. haiQal and Dina came too. Sorry peeps if I tak sempat borak byk with u all…next time we shall meet up again kay. Really2 appreciate your presence and sorry for the shortcoming.

Yang ni lak pool ball dah jadi macam tin sardin kn, hihi…

I asked them to give way to Sara =)

Ini, mommy2 excited nk bergambar tapi anak2 refused sbb nk sambung main.

p/s: haiQal sorry yer athirAh pulled your hair. jangan serik dtg umah auntie ek!

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  1. okinokiyo:
    it’s okay, hope the wedding went well too.
    perhaps one day we will meet up for some other occasion…


  2. wow..ruginyer i tak dtg..siap ade baby food lg..great idea..sorry mun..i tak dpt dtg..hubby was not feeling well..


  3. alaaa…tak sempat nak tengok athirah. i igt gi rumah u dpt tgk keligatan athirah.

    btw, d last pic sgt cute. mcm haiqal n faris ckp “jemputlah masuk”


  4. oh bestnya…

    hmm i xdapat datang~~ 🙁 my flight suppose to be yesterday but i kene admit pulak kat sini (Miri). so kene tunggu after 1 week br bole blk KL…


  5. neeza:
    next time perhaps we meet up =)

    mom2que & Nrs-Bride:
    bought the choc cake kat rumah org in Seksyen 16…undeniable, yummy-licious!!!! full of choc, mmg tak kedekut choc punye.

    eh u x sempat tgk athirah ker? she was eerywhere….hihi
    *cute kn ur anak n haiQal..i really love seeing kids when they r in their own 'world'

    huh, knp u kena admit? take care ya!!!


  6. the food: memang totally yummy! slalu hubby kata nak bawak makan kat al-rawsha tu tapi tak pernah pergi2 pun…at last dpt jg merasa. sedap!
    –mkn choc cake tu sikit je sbb memang tak sampai hati nak kerat gambar uzair tu LOL

    Sarah enjoy sgt those climbing frame, dah tak ingat lapar & ngantuk bila main! sorry ya to the other kids, Sarah jarang main2 dgn ramai org, so she doesn't really know the 'rules of playground' hehe…


  7. wahh bestnyee!! sadly cudnt make it due to my health condition. 🙁

    terliur plak dgr kambing tuuhh hahaha


  8. alaa… nadhrah pon tak dpt datang.. sorry yee… kalau tak bole main on that climbing frame and be the xtreme adventure girl that i am!!


  9. mama shmontel:
    glad u luv the food. Sarah is welcome to come over anytime!

    Do take care ya! Lotsa care!!!

    Queen Bee:
    Get Well Soon dear

    Best Hostess? Gosh, I have doubts bout tat…
    It was nice to have ur parents around too, tell them I’m very sorry as I didnt really manage to sit down with her.
    And glad u luv the food =)

    u r most welcome to come anytime dear!


  10. munirah sedihnye i tak dpt dtg aritu…ade hal tak dpt di elakkan..sorry…bestnye tgk all the food!plus ade food for babies! you’re a great hostess!


  11. Wow..meriah sungguh the aqiqah and very good and practical idea to have baby food corner..the cake looks so yummeh!


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