While pApa is away for work… – TRIPLETS plus ONE

While pApa is away for work…

November 30, 2008

Here’s what we did…

On Saturday we were supposed to join my mom for morning walk at the Lake Garden but athirAh and uZAir were still asleep…so ended up joining mom and her frens for breakfast at a kopitiam in Mid Valley. Once we were done with breakfast, we decided to take a stroll at The Gardens since it was already open. Damn, what a wrong moved! I think I should forbid myself going to malls during sales coz it’s so damn blooddyyy tempting to spend upon seeing those 30%, 40% or even up to 70% discount. Arrghh, berpinau mata tgk, so I decided to head home after 30minutes of stroll in the mall.

Sunday morning,by 7am uZAir and hArith were awake ready to join my mom to the Lake Garden. athirAh was still asleep, thus I switch on all lights and joyfully wish her (or rather scream out loud…hahahah) “Rise and Shine!!!”

Mom when for her routine walk with her friends, so I (and the maid) brought the kids to the playground. Seriously…it caught me by surprised. I didn’t know they have such playground there (yes yes you can call me jakun, but since I’m gonna forbid myself to the mall…perhaps soon I’ll discover more playground, hihi). They have a theme called Fantasy Planet. They have The Elves and The Shoemaker, Jack and TheBeanstalk and I also saw a castle like shape, which I shall assume that could be representing The Repunzel.

Here’s me making use of my kids as a ticket to be on the see saw..hihi

Although hArith and athirAh are not big enough to climb all those playground…but they simply enjoyed having the freedom to move around and busy looking at other people. Well, they did go down the slides couple of times, both of them would always go down the slide head first. They also love the see-saw.

hArith was everywhere! It was total freedom for him…

They were also busy observing others…

and minah ni lak busy body kacau barang orang…

It’s always head first…

Once my mom and her friends were done with their morning walk, we headed to the mamak for breakfast. Ni muka budak puas main and kekenyangan makan tosai. (ish tara sopan punye budak, abis makan…kaki naik pulak)

At noon pulak, we decided to go to Al-Rawsya to return their dulang Lamb Mandey yg masih tak terpulang2kn lagi. And of coz, alang2 dah kat sane, we had Lamb Mandey for lunch, yummy!
Ni pulak budak beria sibuk nak order food…

athirAh: ” One Lamb Mandey and one avacado juice please”

And petang, as usual I would invite my 3 adorable neighbours to come over. They brought their ride along, which ended up athirAh and hArith tumpang semangkuk. They luv it tapi yg nak menolak tu lah penat kena bengkok kan badan.

“errr…can we go faster pleaseeeee”

It’s been quite some time since my lil’ rascals bath at the ‘waterfall’, so I allow them to do so. But this time around…it was so difficult to scrub them. Each time I soap them, they continued to play with the stone…so I ended up rinsing them in the sink. And of coz the luv that too. In fact, hArith cried when I call it off.

Yeahhhh, pApa’s coming home tomorrow! And gosh, seriously…I dont think it’s possible to ban myself from going to the mall…arrggGhHhh.
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  1. me too! baik jgn pegi walo sekali.. kalo tak mesti gian!

    sbb skrg sibuk dgn rumah, tak sempat gi mall! (kononnya la) tp mlm tadi berita si Azalina kata extend mall bukak sampai 12midnite. Kena fikir balik ahh 😉


  2. Dear Munirah, love to read ur blog….for my therapy…my son really love fantasy planet, he called “padang dinasour”….


  3. hi salam..slalu singgah blog akak ni..tomey sungguh bby twin ni..fantasy planet ni kat nee..mcm bess jee.terujee la


  4. salzahari:
    arrghhh, mall smpai kul 12am? itu sume conspirasi nk bankrupt kn org!

    hi there,
    hihi padang dinasour. maybe one day we will bump into each other kt pdg dinasour =)
    tegur lak ek if nmpak i…jgn gelak kn i tau if u nmpak i tgh begelut dgn anak2 i…hihi

    hola =)
    fantasy planet kt lake garden.


  5. ibuhannah:
    soon dh tak muat lar buntut die dlm sink tu, hihih..

    ibu Eiymann:
    lake garden yg dekat nk gi polis bukit aman tu, errr yg nk gi taman burung, tmn rama2 sume tu…
    i bab name jalan mmg fail… kn if nk gi trus ke KL ade traffic lite, if u gi kiri u gi tugu negara, so u gi kanan, and immediately right again…tats lake garden

    alamak..paham ke ek ape i ckp ni


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