Battle – TRIPLETS plus ONE


December 21, 2008
Gosh, I struggled putting all my lil rascals to sleep tonight
(and all other nites tat hubster is not around)
All three doesn’t want anyone else BUT me to put them to sleep.
And now, hArith demands to sleep upstairs with pAh.
Of cause it’s a good thing for me, but not when pAh is not at home and yet he insists of sending him upstairs!
It is like a constant battle to put one after another to bed.
Just when one is about to close his/her eye, the other decides to cry/hum/scream/sing (read: noise)
Each time I had to go through this ‘battle’, I would envy En Suami who is in another part of the world enjoying his sleep in the comfort of a hotel room….
The fluffy pillows and comforter…oh soooo relaxing
But to think of it, En Suami well deserves those comfort
As he on the other hand, have to go through another battle…
To make ends meet for us, the family
To provide comfort for all of us back home
So enjoy those comfort u been getting at other parts of the world pApa! =)
(and continue to help mOmmy with her battle when you are here at home, hihi)
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