My Junior Handy Man – TRIPLETS plus ONE

My Junior Handy Man

December 4, 2008

I am hAppy to know that my son, hArith is following his father’s trait…a handy man! He loves doing work around the house. The moment he sees someone doing any knocking or a simple task like changing bulb..he will quickly rush to have a look and hoping that he’ll be given a chance to do it.

He even enjoys gardening, at times we allow him to be out at the garden when our gardener is around. He simply enjoys it regardless of the hot sun.

Below are the two siblings watching curiously at the lawn mower…

And now, hArith loves sweeping. Give him a broom and he’ll be occupied for the next 30minutes…the least.

He will do it with all his heart…see, he’s going real down to get rid of all the dust =)

And this morning, he saw my maid sweeping…and he ended up quarelling for the broom. So we gave him another broom for himself. Oh boy he sure had a good time with the broom.

After awhile, he was more interested to sweep the carpet. I told him that we need a vacuum for the carpet…but he ignored me and continue sweeping the carpet…

Even the maid called him to join her to sweep the next room, but he still ignored…

He was really focus with his carpet cleaning

And now he is extremely confident that the carpet is super clean that he decided to take a nap after a tiring sweeping session….

psst, hArith pasni join sental toilet and cuci keta pulak kay! 😉

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  1. ahahaha… setiap kali baca telatah your children, setiap kali tu mama-ir senyum sendiri… adorable indeed… kisses for Harith yang rajin… semoga sampai ke besar rajin tolong mom n dad…


  2. psstt..harith..nk buat part time job tak?meh la dtg rumah auntie..hehe
    my son pon same..everytime my hubby bawak kuar die nyer tools..die pon sibuk same nk tlg..


  3. Comelnya Harith.. .bertuah dapat anak rajin cam dia.. bab tido terus atas karpet with the broom tu yang tak tahan tu.. heheheeh..


  4. Mel:
    tu lar…harapnye bile besar nanti die jadi handyman…takut time kecik jer minat

    skrang ni pantang nmpak org sapu, sure die nk rebut penyapu tu

    penat sgt smpai bateri trus flat..hihi

    tu lar harapnye smpai besar lar rajin tlg mak n bapak die. Ameen…

    harith “pssst, auntie kasi per hour brapa ringgit ek? hihihi…bes gak tu buat part time ;)”

    i rase next time kena gantung camera kat tengkuk i wont miss any of those great moments. tp if cam phone tu logic gak ah nk gantung kt tengkuk…if camera mau lenguh dibuatnye

    tu lah trus tebongkang keletihan. kelam kabut i amiq camera mase tu

    auntie fadd, next time hArith gi umah auntie kasi lar hArith broom…tarahal punye =)


  5. hArith is soooo cute especially in the last picture. he must be tired after all the hard work cleaning the carpet.


  6. ahakk so cheeky la si harith nihh!! my hariz pun pantang nampak penyapuu. mesti nakk. kelakarr.

    i tak tahan tgk gambar dia tido atas lantai tuu. adoiih!


  7. Queen Bee:
    aritu die tgh elok2 dok atas high chair mkn lunch, nmpak pulak my maid tgh sapu…trus benti makan tunjuk nk penyapu..haha


  8. i love all the pictures. comel. your kids punya pictures semua comel.

    and i know there will be more. hihihi 😉


  9. My God!! Such a proactive little man… you prbably won’t have trouble getting him to clean up his room. Hehe…

    Hi hanim! I linked you on my blog if you don’t mind… Such a joy to see the little ones grow up!

    Ayu XoX


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