Our Faces – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Our Faces

December 4, 2008

Today, I brought all 3 babies along with my maid and mom to KL. Wanna know why?
Well it was to get this…




and this….

turned into THESE…..

wondering what are those? It’s our personalize stamps =)

One for the family…

one for hArith,

and since we couldn’t make up our mind which photo to choose for athirAh, so we ended up having two sheets for her,

and one for uZAir,

here’s a close up of how the stamps look like…

oh aren’t these cool, a stamp of our own….yup My Stamp, Setem Ku =)

You can get it done at any Post Office, but you need to do it in bulk….but this week, is Stamp Week, where you can do it even for just one sheet…ready on the spot! Just bring a photo along (thumbdrive/ CD / or even ur hp)…but photos must be vertical ya.
How much?
It’s RM19 a sheet (for 30sen stamp) and RM28 a sheet (for 50sen).
So why not for a change…instead of having the usual gmbar buah / gambar Agung on the envelope…have ur photo on it! =)
Hurry, head on to Berjaya Times Square (Ground Floor) to get your face on the stamp…hihi
(sape2 nak kawin…bleh lar, tampal stamp ur face tuk anta kad jemputan)
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  1. cool…

    adoi..bestnya!!! baru ada kat m’sia ker? kalo tau, i buat dulu sempena kitorang nak kawin. nak print gambar sarah, nak send surat kat sapa pulak ekk???


  2. promotion boleh print even 1 sheet of personal stamp ni sampai bila ye? mana2 post office pun boleh buat or kat berjaya times square je?


  3. mende ni dh ade for quite sometime but u hv to buy in bulk n take a week or so to siap
    but sempena Stamp Week u can even buat 1 sheet saje.
    hurry…it ends this sunday. only at Berjaya Time Square!


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