Penang – TRIPLETS plus ONE


December 10, 2008

We are now in Penang, stayed one night at my friend’s house…served with yummy-licious food by friend’s mom n great hospitality from the family. =)

And tonight, we are staying in Gurney Hotel & Resort.

Will blog on it later….

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  1. hello. kak, mane akak gi makan yang lamb mandey tuh eh? my family tgh try cri the perfect lamb mandey kt kl nie tp yet to find them, we went to hadramauth tapi oklah, not bad, kat mane eh al-rwsha tuh? =) hehe, thanks.


  2. gurney hotel tue ade jacuzzi in every room. kami sangat suka.. we’ll be going to penang again for my after-pantang-mooning in january.. =) ni pon, dah separuh gile duduk umah.


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