Teeny Weeny… – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Teeny Weeny…

December 25, 2008

This was what left for me….

Yup, that tiny little space…for me to sleep.

Whenever the lil ones are down with flu, naturally they will have a disturbed sleep (due to block nose)

And whenever this happen, one will wake up all grumpy and cranky coz of the discomfort and difficulty in breathing. And of coz the loud cry would wake the other up.

Thus we are left with no other choice but to put them near us…so the moment I hear their nose block, I would quickly take the vicks and start rubbing on them before it worsen (and to avoid them waking up.)

Because of that, despite the King size bed…I’m only left with this teeny weeny small space, I can hardly turn anywhere….
(good thing hArith sleep upstairs with pAh…fuh)

I sleep in between uZair and athirAh, while pApa sleeps besides athirAh
uZair usually sleeps on his tummy, but to help with his block nose I was told to raise his head. I tried couple of times but he didn’t like that sleeping position. Suprisingly, he sleeps well with the memory pillow! Sorry pApa, that pillow is no longer yours but uZAir’s! (and u can have it back once uZAir is free from flu)
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  1. Dear kids,
    Aunty sgt merinduir kamu semua 🙂
    Chop, Uzair patut tdo dlm katil dia la.AND u patut bli double king size bed kot..(ader ke?)


  2. “uZAir block nose lar auntie…tido ngan m0mmy senang skit m0mmy nk dgr if hidung uZAir tesumbat”

    hArith n athirAh “bile kami bleh cek in umah auntie ni? nk mandi pool dr pagi smpai petang, bleh”


  3. alahai… kesiannya…

    munirah sapu vicks katner? kat dada ke? ada petua kata sapu n gosok vicks kat tapak kaki, then pakaikan stoking lebih berkesan…

    kisses for the babies… hopefully cepat sembuh and tak sakit2 lagi…


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