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Beware of the prices!!!

January 28, 2009

Beware gals whenever you go shopping at Cold Storage. I’ve read this kind of cases before and we now had the first hand experience. Of coz we don’t usually do our marketing and groceries at Cold Storage (due to the prices of their items) , we were there to get few things that we couldn’t get elsewhere.

While I was getting the few stuffs needed, hubby saw a water bottle in which he been searching for. The price at the shelf stated RM14.90. So he took two. While at the cashier, the gal scans the item and syauQi saw that the item was scanned as RM27.90. Lucky thing we only bought few items thus he was aware of all the prices that were being scanned. But at first he thought they had promotion, 2 bottles for RM27.90 instead of (14.90 x 2 = 29.80). After he paid and received the receipt he saw that there were two items priced at RM27.90. So he asked the cashier what were the items and she showed the water bottle. syauQi pointed out that the items were label as RM14.90 at the shelf. Quickly she went to check it at the shelf, came back and called her cashier supervisor to help refund the money.

Cashier supervisor came, used her few buttons and returned the money to syauQi without even saying sorry and returned to her cashier. Not satisfied with it, syauQi told her “its not as simple as returning the money, I want to see the person incharge”. N she replied saying she’s the person in charge ; Cashier Leader. Thus syauQi said, “No, I want to see your supervisor or manager…someone from the office”. A man then came so syauQi pointed out the issue and emphasize that it seems to be an on going issue, and people been talking about it on the net. So better do something if you want people to keep coming.

When we left, I actually returned to the aisle of the water bottle to see for myself the pricing. The man-from-the-office was there, double checking the case and he took the label and remove it. Well, if syauqi didn’t call for the-man-from-the-office, the cashier lady would just return the money and not even bothered to go check (and do something about) the labeling. And another person would be the victim of wrongly price item. Imagine, an item which was supposed to be RM14.90, was charged as RM27.90…that’s easy way of them to take RM13 from our pocket!!! And in my case, we took two bottles so that’s RM26! Good thing that we only purchased 5 items thus it was easier for us to be aware of the individual pricing. So what if a person to purchase like 20 – 30 items? Will that person remember every single pricing? And if each item were overpriced by RM5, that’s paying more than RM100 unnecessarily!

*the case that I read earlier on, the gal bought the wrongly priced item and received her money back. She went there again few days later and bought the same water. Same thing happen. And the third time she went…the same thing happen. So don’t just get your money back but do talk to the-man-from-the-office.

**maybe this happens at other supermarket too!

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  1. I heard Econsave pun ada kes yang lebih kurang sama. My colleague bought a 10 kg pack of rice and was charged extra RM5 from the displayed “promotion price”. He is now collecting evidence so that he can lodge or file a case at the Tribunal.


  2. it happened once gak to my husband. gi cold storage @ GE and he bought isomil konon sbb ada discount. sekali, at d counter, price lain. luckily jugak, that was the only thing he’s buying at d time, so boleh check.

    hv to remind myself next time gi kena bwk notebook to record every single price.


  3. it happens to us a lot at tesco and giant (coz thats where we do our grocery shopping). more than a few times at tesco, so better be careful and always check your receipts once u’ve paid. funny enough, never happened to me at jusco. and i shop there A LOT.heheh


  4. BabyBooned:
    alamak i pun gi beli grocery kt tesco..situ pun ade kes mcm ni gak ker.
    susah gak i nk double cek coz i beli byk2 skaligus.
    nmpak gayanye like zamnzara kate mmg kena bwk notebook n jot down harga each item we take

    lets stop this from happening again..mari ramai2 report kt tribunal pengguna!


  5. happened to me once at in ikano too… i was rushing so mcm x sempat nak kecoh2… but i bought cheese kot, kt the label on the isle tu was 8+, tapi bila scan kat cashier it was more than tht…

    tapi tu la if beli brg byk2 hw la to trace kan? i mean they scan while we put brg on the counter kan? hw la nak keep an eye when they scan tu *sigh*


  6. tesco pun problem ke?? omg i x larat plak nak check satu2 sbb beli bundle terus. how can they tipu pengguna and bulat2 betray out trust.


  7. hello kak…
    kite plak jenis jarang cek..
    yg citer akak dgr tu mesti Miu kan?
    kite pun tau dr situ…
    & skrg akak plak kene…
    & other commentors pun ramai kene…
    teruk btolla…
    agaknya kene bwk notebook utk tulis harga for each item…


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