Busy weekend – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Busy weekend

January 12, 2009

Gosh, there are so much to write about but yet so lil’ time to do so. Over the weekend we attended few occasion. On Saturday, pApa’s friend’s wedding in Selayang then rushed to a birthday party in Subang.

And on Sunday, we had two weddings to attend. One in KL and then proceed to Kelana Jaya. Al-hamdulillah kids behave well. Of cause I don’t expect them to be extremely well behave sampai tak gerak langsung kan, by not being grumpy and cranky is good enough for me.

Will upload photos of the wedding in another post. Here are the photos of a superb and expensive! party.

hArith was just too excited to join the party…refused to take photo with me

busy scanning what to do coz there were so many things to do…besides exploring the new environment

athirAh had no problem getting herself comfy just upon arrival

see behind hArith, there’s a lake…so eyes must always be on them! And the house also has a swimming pool…so eyes had to be on them ALL THE TIME

they even had this!!! how cool is that!?!

And yummy food for the kiddos all set on a mini size table and chairs =)

Oh yesterday, I had a nice evening tea session. My aunties were here, uZAir had his nap (through out my tea session) while pApa played with the other two outside at the house garden. It was indeed a great tea session for me BECAUSE I had my hands free =)
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  1. dis is really cool…. how i wish my kid’s bizday like dis…( berangan tk sudah) tk leh lupa last yr organize bizday Jayniell ….2 bulan dok surf internet jek….

    who’s bizday actually??? lagi apa yg ada….excited tgk dia ada gelongsor angin tu…..


  2. mmg all out party ni,
    ade face painting counter, pop corn and cotton candy booth, magic show and deco was beautifully done


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