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"Me" time…

January 9, 2009

I haven’t been updating my blog lately. Why? Coz the kids are constantly demanding for attention. uZAir as usual is ever so clingy despite already being fed to the max…sampai kering kontang b**by ku hokay. And the other two lil rascals demand me to play with them or else they will come and stomp into the room and attack watever within their reach. hArith luvs picking up everything and dump it in the dustbin while athirAh will climb up on the bed and start jumping…yup she’s thinking that’s the substitute to an indoor trampoline. Lompat tehoyang hayang atas katil takut je soon akan ade tragedi budak tegolek jatuh katil sebab indoor trampoline ni takde netting. To avoid this, I have to park my butt in the living room and play with them NON-STOP. But whenever i sit, uZAir will scream asking me to stand and walk around…

Gosh, I hardly have “me” time now. I really need some “me” time to keep my sanity. But if ever I leave the house without the kids, I’ll feel restless and wanting to go home to be with them…. ironic isn’t it?

haha, ni bkn anak yg separation anxiety tapi mak die…

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  1. I ada sorg aja anak dara 1.5yo. Kekdg ada jugak rasa macam tu. Guess, it’s just normal to feel that way.

    Kekdg gi memana takde ms. kecik tu, rs guilty aje. Nowadays, even for a sit-down wedding dinner, I’ll ask beforehand if it’s ok to bring my daughter.


  2. fadd:
    jgn nk miss miss yer….sila dtg sini 😛

    i mmg tak dpt lar nk gi sit down dinner nowadays… =(


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