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Solid Food

January 18, 2009

Lil uZAIr turns 6 months young today, which means it’s HELLO to SOLID FOOD. But somehow I’m not looking forward to it cause that means my thinking cap have to work extra everyday..”what should I feed uZAir today?” I’m already lost of ideas what to feed the other two since they now become so fussy with their food.

Well actually tomorrow will not be the first time uZair trying on solid food. Ten days ago I decided to let him get a taste of it coz he looked so eager to eat coz for few days he was so grumpy whenever he sees someone eats. And I’m sure he was wondering, not only adults get to eat but also his brother n sister who are just slightly bigger than him get to eat too. There was one time, he actually stuck his finger in syauQi’s mouth who was eating n then took his fingure out n immediately put it in his mouth.

He was happy upon getting his first spoon of food =) However I didn’t made it in his daily diet ( same reason as stated above: lazy to prepare, hihi)

And now that he turns 6 months young today, I’m still hesitating should I start him solid food coz afterall he doesn’t look under nourished. Everyone always commeneted on how gedebob he is.

On top of that we are plannin to have a family holiday next month. Oh the trip would certainly be much easier if he sticks with my b**by. =)

Mommies out there, issit really a MUST to start solid the moment ur baby turns 6 months? Opinion please. Oh, we will be seeing his paeds in few days time for his 6 months jab. Will ask the Prof then. Meanwhile, would love to hear your opinion too. Yes, you…the one reading right now. Opinion please. Thank You =)

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  1. not necessarily. 😀 baca kat SI, ada yg continue exclusive BF until 2thn, and their babies are healthy and takde masalah nak mkn pun lepas tu.

    i started solid food on Adam masa dia 7bln. itu pun kadang2 skip2 jugak. especially during weekends. ahhaha


  2. mommy,
    tak semestinya should start give him solid at 6months old. nak lewatkan sket pun takpe. but then, kalau dia nampak sgt teruja nak mkn, and ada symtoms2 yg dia mcm tak cukup kenyang dgn susu sahaja, then kena lah kasi solid food.

    Yes i know mcm malas kn nak pikir apa nak masak hihi.. tp skrg ni i’m giving plain porridge kat baby khadijah, tu pun time weekend je dulu. Wlu pun dia dh 9 bulan (corrected age 7months), dia still mcm ok je dgn EBM, takde pun bangun mlm byk kali utk minum…


  3. Salaam… stumbled upon ur blog 1-2 weeks ago. Start when he’s ready, u’re ready. If u do baby led weaning, easier. U don’t have to prepare specific food for him. Just softer food, eg what u guys eat. My gal loves broccoli, eats tomatos, salad. Just don’t add salt, sugar, seasoning just yet.

    Your other kids are still young, so must be taking healthy food (ie homecooked, no salt/sugar). Shouldn’t be too hard to convert some toddler food to baby food.


  4. Yalah Hanim… I also read somewhere that some start their babies at 8months..

    and also you know the hukum for najis kencing baby boy? it’s applicable to baby boys fed breastmilk ONLY up to TWO years… so i’m thinking maybe breastmilk is actually enough?

    But i don’t think i’ll tahan that long la kot… Kesian budak. But now that Bilal got eczema which seems to be triggered by certain things i eat i’ve been told to delay introducing solids as long as possible so his immune system can mature a bit more.

    But really… i saw Uzair’s expression when he sat with Syauqi having lunch. Kesian mcm terliur…


  5. i started solid food for my baby eva at the age of 5 mths… tapi takde laa tiap2 hari…. twice or three times a week mcm tu (btw, she’s 3-4 days older than uZair..) i kasi pon sbb i nak reduce her milk intake… she drinks alot..
    now baby eva dah amek complete meal (3 times a day)… so, bile we all pegi holiday, i terpaksa laa bwk slow cooker…leceh gak laa..


  6. thanks everyone for ur opinion.
    well although he looks very healthy and i seriously i prefer to just breastfeed him
    1. its soo much convinient
    2. i’m very much comfortable with his poo poo smell now (having solid food means yuckier smell of poo poo aight! hhihihi)

    but just like wat Sarah B said… kesian giler tgk uZAir’s expression whenever he sees others makan. Each time he sits on a person’s lap who is having meal..sure his hand akan grab the plate/mug. trying to get hold of some food.


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