Their New "Bag" – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Their New "Bag"

January 19, 2009

I bought my lil’ rascals a new “bag”. One with a shape of a soft toy frog and we were left with no choice but to purchase a shape of a monkey. But we can’t fit anything in this bag. So why did I buy it???

Coz it comes with a ‘rope’! Yup, its a harness bag. Well, you might think it look inhuman to be doing this but in my condition…having to look on 3 lil’ ones, it’s better save than sorry. I know some are against this, saying that why make your child look like a pet but I’m doing this for safety reason. I just bought it recently, haven’t really try it at the mall. I’m letting hArith getting used to it at our house garden first.

Hmm..I really wonder why hArith and athirAh love stones so much…

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  1. MommyOfTriplets+Uzair….My doter (14 months) also lovvvveessssss stone so much…everyday dier akan kutip at least 2 bijik stone kat laman rumah ah main ngan stone tuh sampai boring….so skang dalam umah pon ader stone terselit2 tepi almari, meja makan etc….so keje saya skang nih dah tambah lagi satu…kutip batu dan buang ke laman balik….haihhh…layan kan ajerlah……


  2. masa 1st time i nampak org guna harness for their child masa i training kat KLIA, mat salleh yg pakai, it was like 4 years ago kot… dulu rasa cam pelik jugak lar, but now dah ada anak sendiri (walaupun belom pandai berjalan) i rasa benda ni sgt useful.


  3. salam,
    my son yg umur 16 months pun pakai harness. infact i’ve two sebab my sister bagi satu and i sendiri beli satu mcm yours tapi mine animal lion. memula pki g shopping complex semua mata org pandang je. I buat muka selamba jelah. Daripada my son dok terlalri2 tak terkejar baiklah pki harness.


  4. hi,
    i don think it looks so inhuman sbb rasanya ia sgt useful. I pun fikir nak belikan one for my daughter bila dia dah boleh jalan. Btw, u beli kat mana?


  5. hi..ignore it when people judge u by the way they look.usually old2 people laa kan.hehe..its for ur own good gak nnti anak kite lari bukan dieorg nk tlg kejar.btw, i suke tgk harith.very the macho laa.. :)..anak i muke jambu..hhehe


  6. Munirah, it’s all about ur kids’ safety. So, no matter what ppl said, kalo jadi apa² bkn meraka yg tanggung. 🙂


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