"we are awake, aren't you gonna wake up and play with us?" – TRIPLETS plus ONE

"we are awake, aren't you gonna wake up and play with us?"

January 10, 2009

Oh gosh, seriously i think i’m at the edge of loosing my strength handling all 3 babies. Yup, other people also have kids, some even more than mind. But we are talking about 3 kids below the age of 2 years here! And Yes, no doubt I do have a maid…but I’m not the type that leaves everything for her to handle.I just don’t have the heart to let (and see) the kids trying to occupy themselves with the maid. Besides, I believe maid is for house chores not to raise the kids…

Thus despite being tired, it’s not easy to just sleep in while you can hear at the background the lil rascals voices playing outside and both trying to open the door of the room but being stopped by the maid. And when they managed to get in, one will climb the bed (of cause that would be athirAh) while hArith would be pulling my toes. And as you open your eyes…you’ll see their faces with such innocent eyes trying to tell me “we are awake, aren’t you gonna wake up and play with us?”

Of cause they would be doing the same to their pApa…but pApa would just continue sleeping thus ended up I’m the one that gets up and play with them. Although after a night of getting up couples of time (to breastfeed uZAir) I just wish I could sleep in a lil’ longer but the faces that the two lil’ rascals give in the morning make it just impossible to ignore them.

And now, it’s past midnite. hArith is sleeping upstairs but grandma is out having coffee with friends (while grandpa is away for work) . Thus I have to on the baby monitor to hear on him from downstairs and get ready to run up if he gets up… fearing he might fall off from the bed. To this minute I have ran up 3 times, cause even when he coughs I quickly ran up before he gets up and realized he is all alone up there. My eyes are very sleepy but I know anytime soon uZAir will be awake for feeding.

And tomorrow morning again I’ll be awaken with 2 innocent face inviting me to play with them. Oh I’ll just have to wish that they don’t wake up their usual time (6:30am for hArith, and about 7am for athirAh) so I could remain under my comforter a lil longer after my subuh prayer…

**athirAh just woke up, i’m glad with a lil lullaby of “subhanallah, wal hamdulillah wa lailahaillallah huallahu akbar…” and a bottle of milk, she’s back in her lala land.

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  1. hey,been reading ur blog..would be nice if we could be fren coz im amazed by how u took care of ur kids,btw,im a mother of two myself n also a stay home mom,guess,we’re in a same boat likely to say…


  2. Mm..kesian kat mummy yea..
    My khadijah also skrg ni kalau time tidur nak dgn i je, dah bf lama smpi rasa mcm takde milk pun tak tidur2 gak lagi..huhu kena lah layan. Last sekali kena berdiri, bf kan dia sambil tepuk, jalan2 sket, baru tidur. Huh tu bru 5kg plus, jap lagi kalau dah 8kg tak larat mummy dia ni..
    Mujur dia bngun main tgh mlm je buat masa ni, tp utk feeding adalah 2/3 kali je. Kira oklah stakat ni..

    Tp agree dgn u, kalau cuba nak stay away skejap je dr baby, dh mula tak tentu arah dah…


  3. ur daily life really same wif mine.. the diff is only ur r hsewife n i working mommy… just imagine, balik je umah terus kene breastfeed yg kecik smbil tu twins da ngamuk2 mintak perhatian sbb balik dr nursery, diorg sure suruh ibu pay attention lbh kt diorg. in d same time, ayah on d way balik, nk tggu ayah balik tu yg kelam-kabut sgt… hari sabtu plak i kene struggle sorg2 sbb mmg x hire maid langsung plus en.ayah plak keje, dgn buat keje2 rumah lg.. ohh lala… mmg x de ms langsung utk diri sendiri… only on sunday je, time ayah diorg ade kt umah, blh la bahagi 2 tugas.. huhu… that y my blog pun lg teruk bersawang dr ur blog!


  4. memang penat kalau ada budak2 kecik lebih dari sorang kan? hehehe. kadang rasa nak je ‘ambil angin’ kat luar. tapi tak sampai hati nak tinggalkan anak-anak.


  5. adaho:
    come lets be fren =)

    i try not to let my anak pacify on me..takut jadi habit. so if hubby around once die dh minum n i yakin die dh kenyang i pas kt husband suruh tidokn

    yah it can be tiring for you. i guess now anak tgh membesar its impossible to have time for ourselves kn. tapi although kt office pun penat kerja at least dpt lar u 8 jam takyah dgr bingit anak menjerit or menangis. lunch hour dpt lar u mkn dgn tenang. kadang tu it can be real stressful bile dok dgr anak membingit…hihi

    zeti zain:
    tu lar tak smpai hai nk tinggalkn.
    aritu en suami ajk ikut die gi keja. bwk uZAir jer yg lagi 2 tinggal ngan my mom. mmg tak smpai hati..


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