Bali – On Bubbles and Flowers – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Bali – On Bubbles and Flowers

February 24, 2009

Since the bathroom was rather big and spacious enough for the kids to to roam around, thus we hv to take their bath in the buthtub everyday. If we were to bathe them under the shower, jenuh lar diorang bermaharaja lela bejalan rata2, kang ade yg tegolek jatuh sbb licin. pApa had the idea of trying the bubble bath…oh the kids sure did like it! In fact we had to take the bubble bath from my sis and parents’ bathroom…and on top of that we had to call the housekeeping to request for more bubble bath lliquid since we use it in almost every bath time.

And this lil boy was simply curious of the bubble’s taste….

testing testing…

oh wow, yum yum…taste good!

Oh, the villa gave complimentary cake to all rooms on the 14th, Valentine Day. Althought we don’t celebrate it but i took the opportunity to ask for free stuff…hihi
I asked the lady that send us the cake if it’s possible to get flower petal for the bathtub since it’s Valentine, and she said it’s possible…i just have to ring the reception. Thus, i called the reception and asked “hari ini Valentine, kok bisa diberi flower petal nye gratis?” (it’s valentine today, could it be possible for me to get free flower petal?) Ye yang penting perkataan gratis tu yer…takut lak kang sedar2 dlm bil diorang charge.

the cake

So who enjoyed the flower bath the most? Of coz the kids =)
Tapi hArith boy, so die tak heran sgt with the flower petals…

Tapi anak dara ni mmg amiq the petals and sental kaw kaw kat badan die…hihi

And budak kecik ni pun tak ketinggalan yer “mandi bunga”…hihi

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  1. hehehee.I though u request the gratis flower petal for both u and husband..hihihi..sekali ur lil one da setelkan dulu.:-)


  2. nih mmg purely mandi bunga nih….

    harith, athirah & uzair..mcm mana taste bubbles tuh? yummy?

    so sweettttttttttt


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