Bali – The Breakfast – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Bali – The Breakfast

February 18, 2009

The villa comes with kitchen facilities but the best part is….

Every morning they’ll be a lady to cook us breakfast =). There is a list of food we can choose from. Just inform the reception what time we want our breakfast and the lady will come 30 mins earlier then the time said to prepare. We requested for a lady so tak lar kami terlari2 masuk bilik nk pakai tudung.

Table will be nicely set too.

Here are among the food that we had for breakfast

Other then that, they have nutriotional set, traditional set, vegetarian set, soft boiled egg, mee goreng, bihun goreng to name a few.
However this was what I took every single day, nasi goreng….

Coz my kids dont like egg. So we had fried rice everyday.

And after abis makan, juz called the reception to get the table clean. Diorang datang basuh and lap all the plates n utensils. n trus susun balik dlm almari…oh yes we felt spoiled.

Memang rasa bersyukur sgt2 dapat merase holiday macam ni, Al-hamdulillah

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  1. OMG..i kan asyik2 la refresh ur blog..sbb i tgk pun very relaxing la the holiday..

    eh u mentioned u tak suka all the cultures tu but then, u pegi kuar jalan2 tak?

    ada kat sunway for mcm this kind of villa..tpi kids not allowed..tah apa2..tension i


  2. okinokiyo:
    jgn tertipu dgn gmbar tau…holiday tak lar relaxing mane. tu sume gmbar amiq mase br smpai. 30mins later trus huru hara villa tu…hihihi

    oh i penah masuk tgk villa kt sunway tu..pool die kecik jer, mmg tak possible tuk berenang langsung. harga pun overpriced giler. harga villa sunway tu about the same dgn yg i gi 3 bedroom kt bali.


  3. wahhhhhh…sgt best bila ada org tolong masakkan…n clean all the dishes kan…huwaaaa…bila nk rasa cam gini nih..bestnye camtu kan..


  4. double OMG hehehheheh…bestnya i just need this type of holiday. yup i’m preggy dah 38 weeks 🙂 doakanlah apa yg terbaik for me ya. hopefully after pantang and my second miracle dah besar sikit dpatalah merasa insya allah.


  5. upon arrival mmg rase bes giler tgk the villa, but then again soon after we begelut wiz the kids. nk pg spa xde chance.

    Ablen Eusoff:
    wow 38 weeks, tats very soon. all d best =)
    hmm i rase takyah tunggu ur 2nd besar to travel. travel time kecik lg senang kot coz they sleep most of the time n xyah pening piki their solid food.

    breakfast inclusive n also light afternoon snack. n drink cans in the fridge replenish daily n fruits too.

    name of villa is Ulin Villa

    i would recommend area seminyak coz lotsa shops there..hihi. bout 10mins drive to Kuta.

    my number 1 priority in choosing the villa was one without all those statue decoration n oh of coz size of the pool


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