Bali – The Journey – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Bali – The Journey

February 17, 2009

Our flight to Bali was at 9:50am and we planned to leave the house at 7am. So at 5:45 I began waking athirAh up, she was fast asleep when I carried her out of her cot. I then put her in the living room, but she decided to continue her sleep. I then woke hArith up, he was a lil’ cranky since I disturbed his sleep but upon seeing his ball…he was wide awake kicking his ball, which automatically woke athirAh up. By then it was already 6am, managed to get all 3 ready by 7am.

They looked rather puzzle, why were they awaken so early and strapped in their car seat.

Actually my initial plan was to wake the kids up by 5:30am, so by the time they get into the plane…they will be sleepy. Nway, waking up at 5:45 wasn’t too bad. My parents brought hArith to sit with them infront. uZAir was being held by my sister and was already asleep even before boarding the plane. athirAh was restless being strap with the seat belt but the moment she heard the noise from the plane engine she managed to sit still. And slept soon after. hArith came running once the seat belt light was off. Mom said she wanted to be with the rest thus syauQi took him and put him to sleep.

We wanted to put uZAir in the basinet but it was a wrong moved, he woke up and was wide awake, but since the flight wasn’t full…the stewardess had extra time to help me to carry uZAir. hArith woke up 30mins before landing while athirAh slept all the WAY!!!! She woke up in the middle of the flight, got her out of the basinet and she continued sleeping on my sister’s lap. During descent and landing, she was still asleep but could felt the discomfort due to pressurize…she was still asleep but was poking poking her ear…hihi

Smpai Bali, the man from our villa was already there…holding up placard of syauQi’s name. Got into the van and we were welcome with cold bottle water and a wet towel. The trip to our villa was approximately 15minutes…and the van parked betul2 by the side of the villa reception. This was the view we got when the van was parked. We were so excited to get down. Our villa was the last one on the right. So each time nk kuar kena jalan jauh ke depan tapi each time balik we get the buggy to send us off at our villa sbb dah penat bejalan.

And this was our 3 bedroom villa with our very own private pool =) We stayed at Seminyak area coz tat’s the closest to Kuta. Area Kuta sume hotel takde yg villa with private pool.

This was the view from my bedroom. Psst…i brought along bikini wo…bile lagi ade chance nk merasa pakai bikini kan…hihi

All 3 bedroom was not connected with each other.

And here’s the bathroom! Feels like poo poo kt tgh2 taman..hahhaha. This is the view from the bathroom door….a huge tub and to the left is the shower and to the right of where i’m standing is the WC.

Oh I think the most lucky person was my sister coz she had all these to herself!!! My room besepah dgn toys while my parents’ room ade one cot for hArith. And my sister need not share with anyone else….

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  1. hi..seronoknye pegi bali. cantik villa yg u stay tu. nanti bole tak bagi full details pasal ur vacation ni such as details bout ur accomodation etc.


  2. Hai…
    Welcome back…
    Nice place,nice hotel…
    What a wonderful vacation…
    Upload more pictures of those cute kids during your stay in Bali ok…


  3. Sue:
    u can actually goggle up for villa, juz choose area mane u nk. i type jer “villa bali” n u come across byk giler to choose smpai juling mata..hihhihhi. once jumper villa yg u minat, u google up tat particular villa name n cek pulak their official website where u cn view more photos of it. then u email them directly. slalunye they hv special internet rate.

    as for transport, i cari sendiri. i hv the contact number…tu pun u bleh deal via email gak. the driver islam so nk cari halal food n tempat solat not a problem

    will upload more photos soon =)


  4. wahh part paling best leh mandi pakai bikini tuu sukaaa sukaaa hahah ni yg wajib pegi ni..sbb u tau x semua org keliling i ni asyik2 ckp pegi bali jekkk tekanan betul lerrr…


  5. OMG bestnya i really need to go to this villa very relaxing. i just need a short vacation. yup ur sis very lucky!..


  6. have been to Bali, but thinking of going there again, sbb nk try villa ada private swimming pool! mana aci u sorang jerr boleh pakai bikini…heheh


  7. Kak Ti:
    Lets all dua, moga2 kami sume murah rezeki dpt pegi holiday yg we dream for =)

    more photos will be uploaded soon

    oh yup, undeniable…sgt best. alhamdulillah

    ablen eusoff:
    mmg best but i wouldnt say its a total relaxing. sgt penat with the kids. but then again if kt umah pun tiring gak with them. so i would definitely choose to be tiring at such a place then at home..hihi.
    tp u preggie ker? i tak berani travel time preggy. lagi2 negara lain

    genny de bomb:
    oh yup mmg sgt havoc, hihih

    mai & mrs imran:
    ni my 2nd time pegi bali, actually takde lah cantik mane the tempat sbb me n hubster tak suke tgk all those culture thingy. we pegi there again sbb i teringin pakai bikini…hhhihihii.
    tu we took the villa wiz private pool. first time pegi dulu we didnt know pasal kewujudan villa villa ni

    besides bikini, dapat lar merasa pakai maxi dress, hihi. if kt umah pakai maxi dress takleh kuar2. kt sane dpt lar berangan pakai maxi dress smbil duduk mengadap pool


  8. may i know the name of the villa? tgh survey tempat tinggal utk my trip to bali this year end 🙂

    mmg google tapi banyak sangat… hehehe


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