Bye Bye – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Bye Bye

February 10, 2009
We will be bringing the kids on their first flight tomorrow..making lotsa dua’ that they won’t get restless throughout the journey.

It’s sure tough to pack the bag…it’s super full. Not to sure when will i be blogging next.

C’ya around!
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  1. salam..hi br jumpa blog awak ni..saya enjoy reading it..kagum ng awak n ur triplets+1 experience!sure penatt+letih+mcm nk pengsan+hepi sesangat kan..hehe


  2. hi munirah, our son is back home with us!thank you so much for the insights 🙂 all is well for now alhamdulillah.

    not forgetting the friendship that i’ve made with SCN staff. they are great nurses, very resourceful!

    here’s hoping you had fun fun fun at your holiday destination. insyaAllah


  3. Munirah, have you sold your Mini-E Plus breastpump? Delivering my 2nd one soon. Be great if you can sell em to me. thanks

    Syahida 019 245 0435


  4. munirah..sorry i tak smpt bg map ke rumah i ari tuh..minta maaf sgt2…lain kali i bg map skali k..cun header kan i rase u kene tambah sorang lg baby utk cukupkan 4 org..hehe…


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