Fun with Water – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Fun with Water

February 4, 2009

Here’s one of the easiest way to ensure they don’t have excess energy before bedtime… let them have fun with water. Yup, they can never have enough with water….they really luv it


and more splash…

byk gak air yg sempat diorang ‘minum’…they have no problem jatuh face down in the water. We fill up to small pool for them, and they were busy jumping from one pool to another. Thus, we dare not let lil’ uZAir join his brother and sister.

So where was lil’ uZAir? He was sitting nicely in the garden as a Bee (yup, baju athirAh die dah muat)

Ni, tgh buat muka kesian…nk mintaq join hArith n athirAh main air.

Ni muka tak puas hati tak dapat gak main air…hihi

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  1. munirah, dorang tu mandi air sejuk ke? seronok ada geng mandi2 camtu kan. Baby ir sorang dalam basin dah havoc… apatahlagi ada teman…

    baby uzair nye costume macam baby ir nye… tapi tak pakai lagi sbb besor sgt… adorable sungguhla babies b’3 ni… nak gigit2 je rasa… mmmmuah…


  2. hai i’m you silent reader..
    🙂 your son and daugnther is super duper cute…hehehe and you are such wonderful mother.


  3. salam.been reading ur blog since ur twins birth baru nak anta komen.
    im a fren of fad anyway 😉

    uzair sgt2 comel in d outfit.x lame lagi boleh join main air w his cute bro n sis. 🙂


  4. huhh i luv this little boy.. ‘mr bee’ yg 1st pic tu look sooo cute.. makin scroll, makin bulat mate die.. cute laaaa



  5. hai…slalu baca ur blog..sangat amazed ngan u yg boleh handle 3 yg satu pun dah keletihan..belum jadi full time housewife cam u pun..huhu..

    eesya pun got that bee costume..hehe..tapi bila pakai nampak macam boy..


  6. E'n1x:
    bought the outfit kt OU..alar yg booth/stall tgh2 tu. if not mistaken depan kedai Mynews cafe (odw frm old wing to new wing)

    err..its not really cold water. how shall i say it, almost like room tempreture kot. air from the paip garden tu.
    come lar if baby-ir nk join splash2 water with hArith n athirAh!

    costume tu 2nd hand from athirAh..hihi

    fara & are-shie:
    thanks dear. day n nite i pray to Allah to ease my journey raising these 3 kids =)

    hi there!
    tu lar kena tunggu uZAir besar skit br bleh join sbb kang jenuh kena splash air kt muka.
    athirAh mmg confirm ber-gallon air die minum smbil mandi.

    mata bulat…badan pun bulat. lenguh gak nk dukung


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