I broke down…and cried – TRIPLETS plus ONE

I broke down…and cried

February 25, 2009

and yelled at my kids.

hArith slept with us last nite coz pAh was not around. He woke up middle of the night crying out loud (not to mentioned putting him to sleep was also a chaos) which woke the other two up. uZAir was pacifiying the whole nite..so obviously b**by ku kering kontang when he wanted milk to put him back to sleep! Thus he joined hArith screaming and crying their lung out which of course woke athirAh up and joined the “choir” group.

All 3 were awake and wanted me to put them to sleep. so melekat mengendel to me. uZAir obviously wanted me bcoz of my b**rby, by having him on my side i can’t put the other two to sleep. But bcoz my b**by was empty, that made uZAir screamed even louder. I failed to soothe any of them…which ended me me joining them crying….YES i cried coz i failed.

Lucky thing syauQi was around. He took uZAir away while i continue trying to put hArith to sleep. He was being fickle minded, one minute he pointed up wanting to sleep upstairs in my parents room. But the moment I brought him up, he get off the bed and pointed to go down. So We ended up going up and down like 4 times and he finally sleep in my mom’s room with my sister accompany him. Then I had another 2 “mission” to be completed..to put athirAh and uZAir to sleep. I let uZAir pacify on me again while athirAh slept next to me hugging on my hand. Bout 5 mins later, Hanah came down to inform hArith awake and started crying again. I was with the other two so I left syauQi to handle him….

From what had happened last nite, it made me ponder…is it true wat grown up (i mean those yg dah jadi grandparents) been telling me, that once ur child sleepss with grandparents…forever they want to sleep with their grandparents. On top of tat my dad kept telling me don’t blame them if my son doesn’t want to move with us when we decided to move to our own house….

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  1. kind of true that children yg sleep with same person/s routinely(x kira lah grandparent or maid etc) they will kind of attached to them. but can slowly rectify this problem by biasekan balik tido with parent.1,2,3 time mmg susah la (they will mengamuk xnk tido) but than da biase would be fine jer. ‘ve this kind of experience..:-)


  2. dear mommy,

    its ok to cry,a good cry can do wonders to one’s soul…n its ok to yell,once i a while,at least u can let out some steam…i guess…
    but never said u’ve failed,ur not a failure…ur juz stressed…with 3 crying babies,i would do the same thing too…so,its ok…

    take care k…


  3. i can imagine ur situation that time, bile sorg menangis dgn kuat n yg dua lg terjaga n yg kecik tu nk ‘bergayutan’ (BF bb mmg mcm tu kot, nk tido je mesti nk bergayut).. tp nasib baik, none of my kids tido dgn their grandparents.. i rasa mmg susah nk pisah kot kalo diorg kerap tido dgn atok n nenek diorg!

    u know what, i pernah hilang sabar dgn twins time balik dr kerja sbb diorg ngade2 sgt (buat perangai) n in the same time yg kecik da nangis2 nk BF.. geram sgt smpai pukul (gune tgn je!)..


  4. uwaaaa…saya yang baca pun ase nak nangis huhuhu..sgt penatttt kalo mcm tu huhuhuhuuhuhuu…wonder how am i going to faced all those things again..dah lupa cemana penat jaga anak masa baby2 dulu..huhuuhuhu


  5. nope..u tak failed..just exhausted aje tu..3 babies crying at the same time memang la challenging..kalau I pun meroyan dibuatnya..baby sorang ni pun kdg2 I tense up.. i think if a kid is attached emotionally to grandparents memang dia akan favor the grandparents more..tapi nampak your boy belum attach lagi tu..lagipun you ada during the day to be with him kan..lain kalau the kid memang duduk dgn atuk aje (kes mak bapa hantar cucu atuk jaga)..tu memang bahaya..taknak lagi dah dgn kita ni.


  6. teringat pulak 1 scene lynette dlm citer desperate housewives; dia stress sgt sampai nangis2 pasal anak2 dia espcially yg twins tu..sabar yer mummy…


  7. munirah, terkeluar topik plak nie. nak tanye, ur mini-e plus bpump tu u dah jual ke? I nk beli lah..m expecting my 2nd one early april 09. can you contact me pls..syadam 019 245 0435 (syadam@gmail.com) many thanks


  8. Mommy Munirah,

    Saya tahu anda kuat! (walaupun body anda kecik dan slim selepas melahirkan 3 orang cahayamata.. Oh, mokcik jeles!)..

    Sorang baby pun dah penat gila2.. Apalagi 3.. Arghhh.. Pingsan!


  9. hi munirah,

    hang in there!! =) Insyaallah, you’re a better mom for going through that. Kisses to the three babies..


  10. Gosh! How u cope with the situation ye? U memang kuat la.. If i were u, i will definitely ‘pengsan’ doh…
    And ’bout sleeping with the grandparents, it kinda true. Happened to my sister. Now, her 3 years son doesnt want to sleep with her.. More attached to my daddy…



  11. thanks everyone for such inspiration words tat help me keep going evertday!

    well, seryesly 24/7 with 3 of them is no joke. at times i wish im a working mom..at least takyah dgr jeritan diorang from 9-5pm…hihi
    but then again i choose to be SAHM…so i shall hang on =)

    thanks again for the support n encorougement…
    thsnk u, thank u and thank u


  12. hi there…
    u takde lah failed sbb 3 comels tu tak nak tido..nak buat camne..sorang pun susah nak tidokan..ini lak kalau 3..

    bab yg kalau tido dgn grandparents tu, i pernah dgr 1 ceramah ni..dia cakap apa2 pun bagi anak kita bangun2 tido, nampak our face dulu..sblm maid ke sapa ke..so that the face person in their mind is ours..


  13. betul la kot mama eesya…my Aliah tak onh tido dgn org lain selain i. cuma during my one week course last year, she had to sleep in the buai! she couldn’t have her beauty sleep.. kejap2 bangun cari nenen/ ‘sousou’ dia!


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