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February 20, 2009

Thanks for all your support to ThePhotoMama.Com online community. A community who teach mommies on photography. In order to say thanks to all our supporters, we’re glad to announce that there’ll be a PHOTOCLINIC SESSION as per below details;

Venue : Lake Garden (Near Royal Lake Club) – Assembly point (Playground near the small roundabout)
Time : 9.00 am – 11.00 am
Date : 7 March 2009 – Saturday
Fees : FREE for all premium members (RM45 for non premium members)
Trainer : Saiful Nang
Others : 1 premium members can bring maximum 2 non-premium members (other than husband or wife) but must be registered with TPMC community for FREE. But the priority will be given to the Premium Members.
Activities : You shoot then I (Saiful Nang) teach.

Yay, En Suami roster is out and he’ll be around on the said date. I can bring 2 friends along, but i think syauQi has a friend who is interested to join. That means i have one more slot left. Anyone interested?

But u hafta register urself a normal member (non-premium) – just register for the forum…tat’s totally free!

Yup I have only one more slot but if there is anyone interested to join this PhotoClinic, you only need to pay RM45 (for non-members)… apa jua camera is most welcome. Yes, apa jua camera!

To be a premium member, click below. RM280 for one year membership and u’ll be entitled for all the upcoming photoclinic for free. So here’s the 3 simple steps. Watch the tutorial videos, practice taking photos at home and come to the clinic to get help improve your photos from the Experts.


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