Temporary ( I hope ) – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Temporary ( I hope )

February 17, 2009

This is juz a temporary layout…i was playing around with my template n tangan gatal ntah ape buat smpai hancus my previous layout..ni lar jadinye bile org buta IT tangan gatal kacau layout

Will just settle with this layout for the time being.

Nway…i’m back from Bali. Will upload photos of it soon =)

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  1. wah rase terharu ade yg kate layout ini shantek…hihi. sebagai seorang yg buta IT, tak budget ade yg akan kate the layout is gud. maybe i should get help with the final touches and can settle down with this layout jer kot.

    yup i brought all 3 but had extra help. my sis was wiz us. sbb kena one infant to one adult. parents pun pg tp diorang dok depan.
    but definitely gud to hv them around mase kt bali


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