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Athirah taken…?

March 21, 2009

Our neighbour was away for 3 Days. They just got back today n my kids dgn tak malunye serang their house. Ashman was asleep when we entered..athirAh terus panjat the sofa and comfortably position herself like this….

Ashman was still half asleep, but his reflect action was to hug athirAh too. See the picture below, tangan athirah actually tgh gerak2 dok tepuk dada Ashman..which then woke him up. He was rather confused seeing athirAh …hihih =)

Psst, athirAh oh athirAh dah besar kang tak bleh peluk2 mcm ni tau…;)

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  1. Hi Munirah,
    I sebenarnya nak tanya u lah pasal Photomama. Need your advice pasal I nak start from zero and takde pun DSLR tu. If you tak keberatan, boleh email I tak or I email u?
    my email:


  2. en suami tgk gmbar ni tekejut bulat and he was like eeeeeeeiiii mcm bopren galfren.

    ingat tau athirAh, this is a no no when u are bigger!



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