Bali – On Avacado – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Bali – On Avacado

March 10, 2009

While we were in Bali, all anak beranak (xcept En Suami) jadi hantu alpukat. We had avacado juice in every meal.

Believe it or not, hArith drank in one shot…sedut taknk lepas smpai habis. tgk lar pipi die tu…

And this lil boy enjoyed the juice too! He had it non-stop. Lambat suap jer die melalak.

Gosh…its so yummy. There was once we got our driver to belikn the juice for us. Die gie area pasar and we told him we want really think, no water added. And he came back with such a yummy-licious juice…and best part of all that was the cheapest of all. Other places average of 10,000rupiah. some places even charged 20,000 rupiah. but our driver belikan yg palin kaw kaw pekat sedap nk mampus at only 5,000 rupiah…yummy!
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  1. Oh we all plak can’t take it. it’s too thick for my taste. But Bali mmg famous with its Avakad+chocolate swirl.. sound yummeh definitely 🙂


  2. i think kan…indon ni mmg pakar alpukat..kat jkt, bandung, padang yg i pegi rata2, price sama jek 7500RP..tpi mmg sedapp kan pekattt


  3. Ayyo,
    anak-beranak pakat minum!
    TP sana sedapp kann?
    RASA nak lg kan kan?
    Ape kata u buatkan tuk I?
    Oooops..utk Apeng jgn tauu,


  4. yes, agree. alpukat juice mmg sedap tak tehingga. kt kg baru ada jual, cari gerai nasi padang kt jln mahmood.


  5. mun kita plan gi bandung bln julai nie ..kot2 u ada contact driver @ homestay@ villa sana yg reasonable .. sgt2 diperlukan .. Thanks sgt2 ..


  6. bagus guna driver nih kat sana, senang and plus they can get stuff for you at local prices, kdg2 bile kita beli, sellers knw we are tourists so dia mark up kdg2… my fren slalu travel Indon for work mesti guna driver senang dia kata, no worry about jam, & ala2 mcm bodyguard pun ade…


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