Butterfly Park – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Butterfly Park

March 16, 2009

We went to the Butterfly Park yesterday, and i have one word for it..ST*PID!!! Don’t you think they should know better…obviuosly families with children are the main target for the park yet they dont have ramp for strollers..there were lots of stepssssss. It was plain st*pid. When we wanted to buy the entrance ticket..the lady at the counter pointed out to us that it would be difficult to enter with strollers coz they hv lots of steps. We thought of turning back but En Suami said alang alang dah ade kt situ masuk je lah angkat stroller tu kt tangga. So there we were carrying the strollers each time we approached steps. It was about 30 steps down. We thought that was it. But they had few more steps along the way and the pavement were rather bumpy for the strollers.

Arrggghhhh…it was plain st*pid. macam mane lar nk promote tourism malaysia camni? The least they could do was to help us getting up and down the steps. Lucky thing we brought 3 single strollers or else senget bahu nak angkat twin stroller.

And besides the steps…it wasn’t that interesting compared to Bird Park. Seriously, i dont recommend anyone to go, just not worth it. If I knew it was like that, i wouldnt mind going to Bird Park again.

Sorry, no pictures..just couldnt be bothered coz was struggling with the strollers.

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  1. Munirah,

    Alangkah sedihnye ye!!

    Malaysia negaraku tercinta, mmg kurang:

    1) Laluan pejalan kaki YG SELAMAT
    2) Ade ke laluan utk yg BERBASIKAL bg mengurangkan pencemaran udara?
    3) Laluan utk STROLLER/PRAM? Ape tu?

    Harapnye org2 kita berusaha mempunyai minda kelas pertama!

    Harapnye negara kita akan lebih cepat menjadi negara maju!

    Harapnye duit tax yg kita bayar tu disalurkan ke tempat yg betullah ye!


  2. exactly hanum..mmg stress kn
    if on the road tu mmg takyah citer lah mmg takde those facilities tp yg lebih sedih tourist spots yang sah sah tuk org datang pun takde those facilities. mcm mane nk promote malaysia tourism.


  3. very true! not family-friendly environment. or, meybi their main target is not the kids, but still, semua tempat2 macam tu kena la buat laluan yang mmg khas untuk stroller. kalau mcm tu, semua OKU yang guna wheelchair tak leh pegi sana lah. *sigh* menteri yang berkenaan kena wake up.


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