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Can you join photomama without DSLR?

March 25, 2009
For the past few post i’ve been talking bout photomama and there were a number of people asking me what if they don’t have dslr? can they benefit from photomama by using compact camera.

Yes, i think it is common for people to ask can they take good photos without dslr. first let me quote what Saiful Nang himself have to say about this matter:

DSLR is an advantage, but the arts of photography doesn’t so dependant with the gear we have. Check some of our earliest video, there you can see how a cheap camera can do wonder with a right tune in the basic photogrpahy skill as well as the Arts of Seeing. All that and more is in our weekly video.

In my case, previously i snap all sorts of photos, main snap jer..not considering the right angle, lighting or background etc. All this are refered as Arts of Seeing. I shall give example for angle. From photomama i learned that in a potrait, at least satu anak mata kena ade in the picture. but of coz a good potrait biarlah nampak both anak mata and also bile amiq gmbar anak go down to their eye level. well it is obvious that we are taller than our go down to their eye level so we can capture their expression better. Hmmm…bile gmbar at their eye level..dont u think tat kind of picture would be better dpd anak kena dongak ke atas tgk kite. Small2 things like this we kind of overlook. But actually it matters alot in producing great photos. That is just one example among the many tips i learned from photomama. Of coz there are more than those basic tips. Thus regardless of what camera u use…i’m sure Photomama would be benificial to you.

However it is not as simple as watching the video and u’ll be a good photographer over night. You would need some practise. Take lots of shots with different angles…and see for urself the difference from one photo to another. And do send ur photo for the experts to comment, n u’ll learn to improve after reading their comments and tips. You will also learn by looking at others’ photos.

Some asked “is the tutorial easy to understand? does saiful uses bombastic jargon that would sound like alien language?” Well, for me i find it simple. And if tak masih tak paham, don’t worry sila angkat tangan and tanye soalan (aik mcm kt sekolah lar pulak). I mean, don’t hesitate to type in your question and others would be more than happy to guide you.

And do you know the first few tutorials are free for u to watch. Yes u can give it a try and see if u can understand the language used / instruction given. Go to the tutorial and click “read more” and scroll down ke the first few tutorial. see for urself.

Well, to make things easy for u, here’s the link…try lar tgk the first few free tutorial:

n actually ade gak ajar photo editing gune photoshop to enhance our picture tp i takde the photoshop software lagi, so tak dapat lar nk godek2 to enhance my photo =(

and here’s the link to thr trailer for Premium Member

psst…this week punye tutorial, ade Saiful Nang gune handphone gak

By the way, here are some photos i took using compact camera, canon ixus. Well, it may not be good but certainly some improvement comparatively to those picture i took before Photomama using this same compact camera.

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  1. kak nim,
    klo nk download adobe photoshop cs2 free g je amik kat

    cari kat bhgian software

    kite pon amik je kat situ dulu…hahaha =p


  2. disadvantage guna camera compact ialah lighting and some of the functions mcm shutter & aperture tu tk ada..

    selain dari art of seeing, shutter & aperture ni actually really helps to produce a really nice photo.

    but then again, bukan la tk boleh guna compact…cuma hasilnya tk sebest dslr la..sob sob…huhu


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