hArith's master piece – TRIPLETS plus ONE

hArith's master piece

March 25, 2009
Remember in this post, it was hArith’s first attempt in painting. And in his 2nd attempt…he successfully made himself a master piece and mOmmy proudly frame it =)

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  1. mmm.. u start bagi harith main dgn color at wat age yer..?color2 mcmana yg perlu kita bagi..?takut nanti my son masuk dlm mulut plak. thx


  2. heart:
    first time i kasi when they were 1 year old…it turn out disaster, so i kept it until now baru cube lagi. now hArith has no problem with it cume athirAh susah skit. kena monitor closely coz either die masuk dlm mulut or ended up paint segala dinding, sofa and meja.

    i just hv to show hArith wat to do. kasi die one brush and at the same time i hold another brush and demo to him. once demo then u hold his hand to guide him…in a few seconds die akan meronta minta tgn die dilepaskn sbb nk buat sendiri.

    n oh i beli the paint kt kedai craft scrapbook. mmg meant for kids but not stated edible, non-toxic though


  3. mummy orked:
    kertas tu besar mmg penuh conteng2…but yg tgh2 kertas haapen to be “the real art” tu mommy beria cut it n frame it.

    pasni kena try buat gune oil paint pulak kot…hahaha


  4. Hanim Hanim…

    nak suggest nak suggest..

    boleh la lepas ni potong2 kentang.. guna sponge.. guna daun.. guna rumput etc etc utk diorg manipulate dan create another type of MASTER PIECE…

    eee.. tak sabarnye Nisa’ besar pon bleh la conteng2 jugak!!

    oh.. dulu mase i tgh blaja di same2 dgn u.. i ade buat part time jual educational product for right brain development tau!

    dia ajar budak2 kecik mcm 4-5 yrs utk lukis in 3Ds.. you can google in internet.. DRAW SQUAD!!

    its good also to expose our young children in 3Ds drawing..



  5. hanum:
    wah bleh tu gune ur idea. tp awal2 mesti fail sbb diorang jd jakun tgk kentang, sponge etc. tp after few try berjaya kot. will try tat soon.

    hmm, bagus tu expose 3D awal2, besar hArith jd architect..hihi. will google up on tat. thanks!


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