Lembik… – TRIPLETS plus ONE


March 28, 2009

Yesterday was one of the days that athirAh choose not to take her nap. She was actively roaming the house the entire day. It was also raining in the evening, which means they are stuck in the house. And yesterday syauQi wasn’t home….yes, try imagine how tiring that was.

But on the bright side, she slept straight away after her evening shower…which was about 7pm. Woke up around 3am for a bottle of milk and back to lala land.

uZAir on the other hand, demanded feeding rather frequently last night. Seriously, i don’t think i even entered my deep sleep zone at all. You know those feeling where you think you are asleep but you are aware of every single movement happening. So do you considered that as sleeping? My body was aching coz i was on one position too long (coz was breastfeeding).

Good thing, hArith was kind enough to sleep well. Good think i took the step of putting him on my bed. As long he could feel the presence of someone besides him, he’s usually okay. Die tido suke ngendel2 kat orang. if die sedar takde orang, siap ah die bgn.

En. Suami punye roster next month is out. I looked at the roster with mouth wide open it coz he’ll be away for 10 days straight.

Hmm, away for 10 days means:
1. 10 sleepless night for me
2. 10 days of keeping the kids occupied by myself
3. 10 days tolerating their crankiness
4. 10 days of putting all of them to sleep by myself

Gosh, i can barely imagine how lembik i’ll be by the end of the 10 days….
Tapi periuk nasi punye pasal…lets just deal with it.

Hmm..wouldnt it be nice if hArith n athirAh go for playschool for half a day. At least i have some room to breath in the morning…

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  1. munirah, ye la i baru nak cdg playschool..cost the bomb sbb twin kan..but hv u ask the teacher ke principal ke sbb biasanye diorg ada discount kan.maybe ada kot…and u got a half day rest cuma entertain uzair jek…


  2. lana:
    dear, i believe u dh buat homework on playschool…any of it u would like to suggest?

    tu lah, each time long trip sure rase nk pengsan kn

    tgh cube sabar ni..hihi

    do u hv any playschool to suggest? i nk yg proper playschool not daycare/nursery. nk cari yg ajar basic daily skill..like hygiene, social skill, motor skill and all.
    the nearest smart reader junior dgn my place is kt d’sara height. dh jenuh call…tapi takde sape jwb phone.


  3. personally, i dont recommend smart reader kat dh tu. went to c d place, tgk budak2 tido dlm satu bilik crammed abis. But then, masa tu I was thinking of a full day-nye daycare.

    apa pun, masa survey, ask a lot of questions, tgk setiap inci tmpt dlm daycare tu.


  4. z@m:
    i went to hv a look at the smart reader junior. the place wasnt impressive enough. tapi anak dara i selamba join duduk skali and makan coz we went there during the kids morning snack time. she seems comfortable though.

    we found a place tat really attract our attention, tapi to send two of them..aiyak can cost a bomb wooo…


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