Lesson Learned – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Lesson Learned

March 24, 2009

Today, we were out since morning till evening. Left the house at almost 10am and reached home at almost 6pm.

And the lesson learned is…tak payah pegi Bukit Tinggi and Genting lagi dah.

Jangan tanye kenapa, xde mood malas nak cerita…

But thanks to En Suami yang tidak jemu membawa kami ke hulu dan ke hilir. Thanks!

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  1. i rasa i tau… kat bkt tinggi xde ape2 kan? nak masuk kene byr semua tu…

    & kalau kat genting, halal food mmg susah nak jumpe…

    kalau salah, sorry…

    -mama emma-


  2. eh, why? I pegi Genting the other day with my 2 boys ok pulak. Share la for the benefits of others ;p


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