Magazine Survey – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Magazine Survey

March 9, 2009

Mom’s out there, I would like to do survey on parental magazine.

1) What parental magazine do you usually read?
(i.e. Pa&Ma , Young Parenthood etc.)

2) Why do you choose that magazine?

3) Other than parental magazine, what magazine do you read

Hope dear readers would leave the answer at the comment section. Please please please

I thank you in advance

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  1. 1) Parnetal magazine – parenthood dats for sure very month, while others will depend on the featured topic

    2) content wise

    3) Cleo, HealthToday


  2. I tak beli mags, but usually read up online! I subscribe babycenter. Tapi Hanis mmg beli mags, Like Pa&Ma, Mami&Baby..

    I ade browse thru I think.. YoungParents haritu and not bad! Ape reason your survey? hehe…


  3. i biasanya beli Pa&Ma.. biasanya content / isu dia menarik.. dan sangat colorful! 🙂

    yg majalah lain pernah ter-beli macam Mami&Baby (agak serius, a bit boring la for me..)dan satu tu, apa nama tah Maternity ke MAternal magazine. pun bosan gak.. hihi..


  4. My answers >>

    1>> Pa&Ma, MamiBaby

    2>> those mags feed me with all the needed useful info .. depends on the issue laa kan?

    3>> Fom big mags which is internet la


  5. hi,

    1. selalau baca pa&ma n mamiBaby tu..

    2. of coz la the content.. best la.. byk kaler2

    3. emm, suke juga baca mingguan wanita, jarang2 miss.. byk kisah masyarakat n baca jugak wanita, jelita, keluarga.. ikut mood la beli..


  6. 1. Of course Pa&Ma. Ada gak beli MamiBaby

    2. Colourful, design menarik dan mestila byk info yg kita bleh dpt. MamiBaby, byk info yg berguna tp terlalu byk text…klo baca, mesti ngantuk…heheheh

    3. Libur, Mingguan Wanita dan byk baca kat blog2 je…


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