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On athirAh's eye…

March 30, 2009

On Sunday, while i was doing my Asar prayer..athirAh had a fall. She was busy rolling on my bed and fell off and knock her eyes at the edge of our chest drawers. She was crying loudly when my sister-in-law picked her up , the moment I finished my prayers i carried her and she stopped crying. So I thought it was just one of those fell in which she stop crying when I carried her. But to my horror…her eyes were bleeding!!!! (but she was no longer crying). I was shocked (and of coz panic). I wasn’t sure were the blood came from her eyes or somewhere else. It look terrible coz it was mixture of her blood and tears. It was as though the blood came out from her eyes.

I started screaming, calling my mom to come down and have a look. Dad carried her while I put my head scarf on to go to the clinic. It was still bleeding but she was calm. In fact she was the only person that remain calm at that time. Since she was no longer crying, we managed to detect where the blood came from…just above her eye lid. We put ice on it..which made her started crying all over again. My dad drove us to the clinic…and guess what? My little hero was so selamba…she actually felt asleep!

She cried when the doctor clean up the wound and put some oinment on it. And on the way back she continued her sleep. Upon reaching home, she was still sleeping and woke up bout 30 minutes later. She behaved like nothing had happened, back to her usual active behaviour. Here’s a picture of her after taking her evening bath. Kena air mase mandi pun tarahal punye.

And today…her swallon seems to be rather obvious than yesterday…

And here is a close up of her eye… (ade gaya macam kena penumbuk tak? )

On the other hand, my bam bam is buzy crawling EVERYWHERE now. dapur pun ade chance die masuk. tangga pun dah panjat naik…extra eyes needed to control all 3.

And this boy of mine is in the phase where curiosity level is at peak! Sume mende nak digodek. And he knows that at about 11am, my maid is busy cooking..he’ll start knocking on the door nonstop coz he wants to see the cooking session. If we allow him in, he’ll demand to be carried so he could see what’s in the pot. When carried, he’ll point to the lid, to uncover it so he could have a better look. Aiyoo jenuh ah sambil masak nk kena dukung die…

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  1. actually, athirah looks more like wearing purple eyeshadow… lol
    kesiannye ur bb girl!
    n sungguh cepat ur son merangkak sana sini… my dot is still showing no signs of crawling at 7 months… should i start to worry?


  2. ha’ah mcm pakai eye shadow kn, hihi

    he’s 7 months, need not worry too much…but try putting him on his tummy more often. from there he’ll try to angkat his bum bum.

    and oh, avoid putting him in walker. nanti more alasan for him not to crawl..


  3. siannya athirah… mata dia cantiklah… alhamdulillah tak serious.. harith lak nampak cam besar dan matured dah..hehe..


  4. Hai..
    moga athira cepat baik ok.

    dulu pun k.linda pernah ada pengalaman cam nih . rasa ngeri kot2 ada pendaharan dlm anak matanya.

    Tapi..lebih NGERIII bila 3 orang doktor tanya dan asyik tanya camner boleh jatuh..?? dikhuatiri ada unsur penderaaan dan kecuaian…
    Selepas diperiksa & brpuashati, barulah kami "dilepaskan".

    Pengalaman yg sngt berharga !.


  5. actually,when this kind of accident happened,mommies yg panic lebih kn…well,at least i am…all the time,esp. when bloods involved,hehehh,kecut perut…

    anyway,syukur that she’s doin fine…kids recover cepat…dont worry,after this sure die dah bit concious to roll on the bed again..hehhe…


  6. siannya athirah…… owh..owh..owh…. but still cute and slumber….

    love her expression….. ur boy too…..


  7. i become more alert now after i read ur entry.. poor athirah… masuk ni dah 3rd times i baca entry ni…takut betul if it happen to my dotter, what should i do? plus no one in the house except me.. i takut i yang pengsan lak kang..



  8. mak ai..
    serius mcm kne tumbuk!
    hebat taw athirah ni..
    ari tu tengok kak mun macam cool je
    tp dalam hati tuhan saje yg tahu


  9. thanks for all ur concern.
    athirAh seems to be doing fine and back on her feet.
    infact mmg tak reti serik. petang jatuh katil…malam tu masih dok berguling2 atas katil…


  10. harith dah nampak cam besar dahh! kesian athirah, hariz baru2 ni pun terjatuh tersembam on the floor kat luar rumah. benjol n biru dahi dia.

    glet’s pray our baby to get well soon! 😉


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