March 20, 2009

I just realise i still have another post for Bali but photos are in En Suami’s laptop. Meanwhile since ade few people asked about the villa..here’s some info.

We stayed at Ulin Villa (Seminyak). I would suggest those interested to do your own booking instead of going tru travel agent. It is much much cheaper. At first we went through the local (Bali) travel agent but came to know it’s much cheaper to do it myself. Basically, go through the intenet to choose your preference villa. There are few ways to do it,

(i) you can just google up “Bali Villa” and you’ll be given lots and lots of choices smpai rambang mata!


(ii) you go to this kind of website, and narrow down the choices of villa you one (i.e. location, number of room(s)). once you found the villa you like. try to google for the villa’s official website, and see the rate. compare the rate from the previous website and the rate given in the official website. Don’t be afraid to email them and try negotiate for the price. Ask if they have any special rate. Because I emailed them, we saved USD 50 a night. 5 nights means we saved USD250 (RM 900). And by doing all the reservation myself (instead of via the local travel agent), we saved almost RM3k!!!

So, why did I choose Ulin Villa?

1) we wanted a villa near Kuta, but unfortunately private villa in Kuta is rather limited. Kuta has more hotels instead of villa.

2) Seminyak is closest to Kuta. Without traffic, it’s approxiately 10 – 15 minutes.

3) I wanted a villa without all those patung2 decoration. When u visit the website u can view the photos of the villa and see for urself…which villa attracts you most.

4) I wanted a lap pool (not a plunge pool)

5) The villa is aware that we muslim need halal food.

6) And best of all, their service is superb. They replied my email almost immediatly (provided it is still working hours on their side). Yup for me, if they reply ur email fast..tat’s a good sign of “first impression”. n true enuff…their service was excellent. Ape nak, call jer reception mintaq. sure possible..remember i managed to get free flower petals for the tub. tp jgn lar request yg mengarut2

7) Oh do you know that Seminyak has more boutique shops compared to Kuta? Kuta has more surfing shop (i.e Quiksilver, Billabong) but Seminyak has more independent brand clothes boutique. Lots of luvly ladies attire, blouse and dresses.

And how do i move around?

We contacted the driver in advance to arrange for the transport. But since the villa provided airport pick-up and send-off, we didn’t take the driver service on the first day. He came to our villa on the 2nd day according to the time that has been arranged. Very punctual! The guy is a muslim so getting halal food is not a problem. And he is not just muslim by name…memang solat and all. so very easy..nak cari surau sume not a problem. There are couple of times that we just want to relax in our villa. So instead of fetching us in the morning, we told him to fetch us at bout noon, but we gave him money the day before and asked him to help get us lunch. Just tell him what time u want the food. Say, you want it at 12pm, he’ll send the food at the villa at 12pm…ate our lunch and only then we start moving to places we wanna go. Tapi korang jadi lar byk hati gak..jgn lar order cukup2 tuk korang jer, beli lah satu set extra for him. Boleh lah die makan (dalam keta) sementara tunggu korang menikmati hidangan enak tu tepi pool =)

The price?
350,000rupiah per day, plus minus 10 hours a day. Anywhere u wanna go.

Oh by the way, i didn’t go to all those tourist hotspot like Tanah Lot, temple and wat not..just not convinient to go with the kids plus me and En Suami been there once and mmg tak minat

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  1. hi mommy munirah…
    Could u share with me the muslim driver name at bali?. I was thinking to go there soon. Last 2 years we been there…so suffer to find halal food and masjid… huhuhu…..
    best la…..u sempat make your own research..really admire…;)
    nway..i really love ur kids photograpy… very nice… love n enjoy it so much…



  2. well actually i do realise i’m supposed to include the driver’s contact number tapi it’s with my husband and he is away at work. coming back bsok. i shall update with the contact number once he is back kay.

    oh actually i was there in 2005…mmg susah nk cari halal food. but now it seems they have more halal food compared to dulu.

    n im glad u enjoy looking at my kids photos coz i enjoy taking their photos. =)


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