Sophea Dania – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Sophea Dania

March 8, 2009

Went over to syauQi’s friend’s house today to welcome baby Sophea Dania to the world. The couple sure look happy entering the new world of parenthood. We took the opportunity to turn 6 days old Dania into our “guine pig” …hihi. But we dare not experiment too much coz we wouldnt want to make the anxious parents worry too much. Hopefully with the few shots we made would gain the confidence of these parents to allow us tonggeng tonggang tebalik kn Dania in our next visit.

I luv the tiny toes =)

And more pictures of the proud parents with their bundle of joy

Ni gmbar sekadar hiasan, we brought uZAir along with us

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  1. munirah …tahu tak org nama munirah nih mmg pandai amik gambo hahahhahah

    bagus la u nih …sangat rajin …i likeeeeeeee


  2. fuuh, 1st time tgk gambar bapak baby tak pakai baju, slalu baby sahaja! hehehe… sape amik gambar? very nice shots!!! gambar last comel gile


  3. miss moon:
    hmm,if mcm tu i patut letak name anak i munirah gak so tat die pun terror amiq gmbar…hihihi
    menyesal wo tak start exploring on photography much earlier.

    razallie zainne:
    some photos i amiq, some hubster. however gmbar yg bapak n anak tak pakai baju i x publish sini. tp mmg shantek the skin tone when both tak pakai baju, the dad wears jeans jer


  4. hi. been your silent reader for a while now. thought i’d introduce myself. i too am interested in photography. your shots are getting awesomer every time!


  5. lisha:
    come join thephotomama. juz click on the banner on my blog and click on the “signup now!” i still have one coupon left for u to be entitled membership for rm230 instead of rm280. (expired today!)

    mmg some kate it’s expensive but for me its knowledge that i dont mind investing in. infact rase rugi i tak blaja awal2…if not i would have better collection photos of my lil ones.

    since u been reading my blog for awhile, u could see urself the diiference in my previous photos and now kn…all thanks to the online tutorial i learnt from photomama.

    come join in the fun of taking great photos


  6. Munirah,

    Cantik bangat gamba gamba lo!

    Suke suke suke… when I’m back to Malaysia, aku nak join hang lah ngan PhotoMama ni..

    eh, tapi sepatutnye skang pon dah bleh join kan? I mean for the online tutorial…


  7. hanum,
    meh meh join photomama. takyah tunggu balik m’sia pun takpe coz everything is online..accessible anywhere!
    amiq gmbar kt sane lagi cun, coz totally different scene.

    click on the photomama banner to join the premium membership and start capturing ur moments kt sane with ur lil one =)


  8. jua:
    but im sure ur skill lagi hebat since u spend day n nite kt photocamp amiq gmbar nonstop =)


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