9 days to go – TRIPLETS plus ONE

9 days to go

April 4, 2009

First day without pApa… so how was it? Beguling 2 anak ni kt pagar nak kuar. They acted as though the haven’t been out for ages.

Oh, btw..10 days En Suami is not around means 10 days i’m without a camera. So now my old point and shoot camera sedang berkhidmat =)

See, Ashman trying to pujuk athirAh…

After awhile, they realised that guling2 depan pagar will not bring them anywhere, thus they came out with their own activity…guess what?

hArith acted as if he has green fingures, showing off at athirAh the skill in gardening.. chewah, hihi

But ended up getting the soil all over his body

However at the end of the day, he was pleased with his greensss =)

And I ended up bathe him at the garden tap coz wouldnt want the bathroom penuh with soil

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  1. the twins makin besa makin comel..they are really miracles kan..cam baru semlm tgk dorang kecik2 jek mndi dlm sink..alhamdulilah skang dah sihaatttt2 belaka 🙂


  2. kejap je tgk budak 2org ni dah besar..dulu fragile sgt kan?!! uhh.. berapa umur ye skrg? nmpk tough la budak 2 org ni….


  3. f.i.e.z.a & salzahari:

    tu lah, ingat lagi time mandikn diorang dlm sink jer..small and fragile.
    now alhamdulillah, dah besar. they are 21 months..mmg miracle
    somehow diorang ni mmg extra lasak n tahan sakit. mayb sbb mase kecik dulu dh biasa everyday kena inject cucuk jarum and all..tu if jatuh tegolek bleh buat selamba jer


  4. angkasa:
    salam kenal.
    bes mmg bes tp bab penat tu yg tak bes..hihi
    (tapi one of the triplet dh meniggal)


  5. salam kenal mommy..

    dah lama jenguk kat sini but tiz time baru berani nak bagi komen

    tengok wajah harith ni kan..teringat lak kat seseorang..hihih…ada iras macam datuk sri lak..


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