And the countdown ends… =) – TRIPLETS plus ONE

And the countdown ends… =)

April 12, 2009

Yabedabeduuuuu, En Suami is on his flight home!!!

Looking back, i’m rather amazed that we survived the 10 days, with no major accident happen.
The worst thing that happen was the whining of the kids for no exact reason , merengek2 non-stop…hArith to be specific. (well of coz there were exact reason why that happen = why isn’t pApa home YET?, in most cases the father only goes to work up to 4 days.

But i’m very much impressed that for the past 10 nights I managed to put all 3 to sleep before 9:30pm (average being before 9pm). There were two nites they slept right after maghrib. And the latest was by 9:45. Impressive aight? (haha, saje nk puji diri sendiri).

Hmm, and i hv no idea how many times i had to climb up the stairs to bring the elder two down. Gosh they are so fast now climbing up the stairs. Baru angkat satu ke bwh, lagi sorang dh smpai atas. And you might be wondering why don’t i put the gate at the stairs. Well, we did put the gate but we find it even more dangerous. There were couple of times we caught athirAh already the other side of the stairs going up. Nobody knows how she managed to cross over the gate. So i think it is even more dangerous to have the gate, she might ended up falling face first while trying to climb and cross over it.

Oh, how I wish to go for a spa..hihi. But i think tat’s impossible coz i can’t leave uZAir home for long

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  1. good news..wink wink~

    lepas ni boleh ler bercuti dan bercanda ek.

    kalo i kena handle 3 anak sekaligus utk 30days mau pengsan, sorang ni pun dah berpeluh. hihi


  2. wa.. dasyat la athirah.. teror betul dia memanjat.. thumbs up to u mommy sbb berjaya mengharungi 10 days w/out encik suami.. i can imagine myself handle my 3 lil kids in 10 days w/out hubby.. terible huh!


  3. salam..
    everyday baca blog u tapi x penah komen..hehehhe

    well..rase kagum sgt dgn u sbb leh manage all the three..i layan 1 baby ni pon kdg2 rase nk meroyan..


  4. yeayyyy akhir nyaaaaaaaaaaa
    misti u lega kan …
    sebab i lega bila baca entry nih .
    aduuu penat nya uuuuuuu


  5. akak respek la awak dek, kalo akak sah2 pengsan dah..but ur kids sangat adorable…akak rasa dorang pun papa takde kan..hehe

    lega hubby dah balik kan..


  6. Hi Mommy..saya juga dapat rasa apa yang mommy rasa sebab saya juga ada twin..dan 2 orang lagi di atas twin ada 4 little monsters!!
    Saya tak pernah la kena stay kat umah berlima beranak saja tanpa abi sampai 10 malam..tapi untuk 4 malam saya dah rasa..dan…
    hope after this we can share more stories about raising twins and not forget the other two brothers..
    hehehehe…salam mommy..


  7. zamnzara:
    wah bab dpt HUGE present tu mmg i setuju…but alhamdulillah, lucky me takyah tunggu mothers’ day pun dapat goodies =)

    tu lah mmg penin nk menjaga. n in my case, although i have one perangai die lasak mengalahkn boy. so it’s like having all boys…hihi

    and lagi pening sbb they can’t speak yet. so nk satu mende tu tunjuk2, org tak paham…mula lar merengek2…tu yg stress tu.

    oh btw, salam perkenalan =)


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